#indulgethewilliams2016: When The Bride Is A Baker – Olamide Smith Weds Udeme Williams


What else would you expect?….when the bride is a baker…a Pro for that matter! 

It was cake at every inch of the step towards marriage. Olamide smith in the CEO of Sweet Indulgence Cakes. a few days ago was her wedding to her lover of life Mr. Udeme Williams. Come and see cake!!.. I need not talk more as you can see for yourself, the wonders created by the bride herself. Mr. Udeme you are very blest to have one of us as your bride!!. One of my instagram followers said “she outdid herself, Chai!”

It was really a wonder to behold, from the trad to the bridal shower…and the white wedding…everything showed how creative Ola is…




Hey girlie, from all of us at 24/7 Naija cake Affairs, we wish you an ever resounding blissful married life. Keep soaring in this new life of love and fullness !













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