#thequeenandthecaptain: Tonie And Chris Tie The Knot As Anna’s Sweet Treats Wows Audience With Cake


This is a story of love, romance and cake….I love the fact that we bakers are always in the picture. In this case, we have Anna’s sweet Treats making the day for the couple.

Tonie and Chris are just two blest people who have been united as one. Friends and family gathered to cheer this couple to married life…I’m sure none of them figured out how the cake was going to look like. This could possibly be a though-out plan by the bride…to wow the audience with her “queer” idea of cake decorating. Thank God she found the right baker to bring her Ideas to reality….



when the bride was contacted, she had this to say..

“My mind works in very mysterious ways so its no surprise that I came up with this “queer” idea of a wedding cake. I wanted certain elements of things  I love on my wedding cake ( stripes, baroque, our vows, ruffles, love and music) and I had my mind made up but the cake vendors I had spoken to didn’t seem to get it. That was until God sent  Loladeoye to me and she recommended Anna’s sweet treats. Just one consultation with her and I knew she was a winner! I sent her a sketch and she sent me a better sketch complete with colours and everything. Her price also didn’t break my neck. This was the result of our cake and I must say it turned out the way I envisioned it.. perfect! Thanks  Anna’s Sweet Treats”

We wish the couple a wonderful married life and we say kudos to our Naija baker 










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