Senator Ben Murray-Bruce @ 60 – The Memoir Cake


Senator Ben Bruce’s 60th birthday celebration was held a few days back at Eko hotel and suites.Many Nigerian celebrities  graced the event with some notable Nigerian music Stars performing at the event.The event which was fun filled also attracted so many  top politicians 

Like our tradition goes, we caught a glimpse of the Cakes that came to the occasion….

Our attention went to the main cake presented. You could see how the cake told stories with pictures…It must have been the pictures representing the various life stages of this great man. This style of cake presentation is not very common in our contemporary cake world (Naija) but it is gradually creeping in. Such cakes are unique because it is history for those who care to know. It silently competes with the celebrant’s biography, oral or written.

Let’s check out the pictures….






Notable Nigerians used that platform to campaign for promotion of MADE-IN-NIGERIA goods


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