Its so glorious!! seldom do I see such scene as this.... Nigeria is really growing in entertainment and hospitality. I was just watching the pictures and I stood in awe! 

Jite and Uche must have agreed to date at an ordinary day, decided to marry at an ordinary day,....but they created an extra-ordinary day the moment they brought the following vendors together:

Good morning my distinguished readers.  A happy Sunday to you all. Your girl is at it again this morning just before I rush off to my 9;45 mass. I needed to share these wonderful collections from Bluberry Cakes ovens

Mrs Itohan Asibor is the CEO and creative director. She is the solid brain and hands behind this awesome creations.

Enjoy the views and save them for your next trad event.

One of our diaspora wedding typically showing the indigenous talent of the Naija baker! Bola and Seun could not have chosen a better cake decorator... The couple understood the need to infuse the Naija style in everything about their union. 

Toyin Balogun of TY Couture Cakes was right there to bring their ideas to life. The result was the beautiful and elegant cake that stood at their reception hall.

When I saw these pictures, my mind wondered into the quality of time required to assemble such a feast. The couple chose a special theme for their wedding and needed special vendors to bring it to life...

The cake Maestro himself, Tosan jemide of Cakes by Tosan was one of the vendors who made this dream come true...He present to them the Eiffel tower, the symbol of Paris love and strength. This cake made 80% impact on the symbolism of the theme of this wedding. I need not say much my dear readers, Please see these pictures below and feel the vibes like I did when I first saw them. 

Happy love life to you Toyosi and Wole. may your love tower high like the Paris tower...the Eiffel Tower!

Wedding Cakes By Naija Bakers 3 Featured

Still showing the world the ingenuity of the Naija baker, this is a collection of recent wedding cakes made by different Naija cake decorators at different time. I have said it times without number that we gat it when it comes to talent !

Just take a look at these pictures and draw inspiration for your wedding event bearing in mind that it is proudly Naija!

On the 28th January 2016, Sculptors Events anchored their first wedding of the year 2017. It was Oge and Azu's wedding. I could imaging the time that has been put into this planning, one has to hit the ground running you know laughing. It was a wonderful event and for me, Its a perfect start for the year!

The vendors that put their heads together for this events are (in no particular order)...