Esentrick2017: Seno And Patrick Rock Their Awesome Wedding Reception With Best Team Of Naija Event Makers

Only if you were there! Only if you witnessed it live! I wish you did but maybe you didn't. I want to tell you my dear reader that there was an awesomely packaged wedding event that took place recently. The wedding was between Seno and Patrick .... It was a collection of some of the best hands in the industry. This wedding reception took place on the 22nd April, 2017 at Ibeto Hotel, Abuja and menn! the wedding rocked! 


Here is the list of of the Naija team members that made that event a success...

The overall planning and assembly of the Pros for this event was done by our on very Sculptors Event Planners

I still marvel at the site of that hall deco; All thanks to Shekkels Bridals and Events. The dress was organised by Youdiii, Make-up and accessories by Acefaces, The lights, sounds and special effects was brought in by Gabbyz Conceptzx, The cocktail was presented by Fruits & Tails and finally the CAKE! Thumbs up to our own Basseyawan Usoroh of Girdas Cake for that wonderful presentation

This group of vendors cake together and made this wedding a success. We say Kudos to you guys....and of course we wish the couple a beautiful life together















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