#loveBTween2017: Abisoye And Tiwo's Wedding With Cake By Andy Clark

For Abisoye and Taiwo, it was a very different and special day... Unarguably every guest had the same feeling about the specialty of this day...but there were vital elements that made it so special for both the couple and the guests.. You could think of the breath-taking photography by Jidekola, the near heaven hall decoration by (what's the name?) I suppose a pretty nice meal served with other constituents (wine, cocktails et al)...then the center of attraction in that wedding....the CAKE!


Crafted and presented by Andy Clark cakes, the beauty of this piece of art radiated the whole space causing  the couple to smile endlessly and the guests to cheer continuously. This is what makes a wedding reception grand! It was so for Abisoye and Taiwo; thanks to our Naija baker Andy Clark

We wish the couple a wonderful life ahead and we say kudos to the Naija baker.










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