#thecaptainandme2017: Tosin & Hassan - When The Captain Decides to Take His Bride,

...what did I say last?...Yes! When the captain decides to take his bride, he has to do it in the most grandeur way...Oh I love the swords that cross their heads as they walked through..Its such a glamour and for once, you'll feel like being a captain or getting married to a captain. Yes when the captain decides to take his bride...he assembles together the best hands, the food must taste like mama's...the music??? it must match with the force!...the decoration must fit the warrior....the CAKE! It must be gorgeous!....And so when the captain decides to take his bride...He will call The Pearl Jacob to plan the event... Diko Photography to capture all moments...and of course Helado Delicia..and the CAKE stands tall!

This is the story of the captain and and his bride...the story of Hassan and Tosin!

More love to the couple and kudos to the Naija crew that brought this to life..













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