This is a step by step tutorial on how to make adire or batic design a subtopic under fabrics effects patterns by Favourz Adewuyi of Favourz Cakes & More

Have you ever gotten a sudden order to be delivered next morning or realized the night before a cake is due that your cake is a little too short or a cake cracks and you need to start over? Maybe you just didn't make enough batter or you got held up with other things in your life and you find yourself with less time to finish a cake than you thought. Mistakes do happen. The good news is that there is a way out!

Happy new month to you my esteemed bakers and cake lovers! Also Happy anniversary to us at 24/7 Naija Cake affairs Facebook group. As we celebrate today, joy will never cease in our lives. Amen!

Today I bring to you a Free hand modelling tutorial from  Cake Dutchess. See if you make anything out of the pictures below...Call to thank me later

My highly artistic bakers and my intelligent cake lovers! Today I have for the very first time in my greetings set two titles for you ( the artistic baker and the intelligent cake lover) This is because today' design is for great minds!

My wonderful bakers and cake lovers, It's  a beautiful Thursday and from this sunny and hot  part of the Lagos city, I bring to you yet another Free hand modelling lecture. This time Azzura Cuomo Cake Art takes us on a tour of Human face free-hand molding with modeling paste.

Let's enjoy the drive and I hope this tutorial helps someone today in simplifying his/her free-hand modelling techniques.

Good morning beautiful bakers and cake lovers. Bringing to you this morning are some insightful teaching on free hand modelling. This is simplified for use for any sugar artist who wants to derive such characters with ease

Let's go on this study trip with Gabriela Doležalová as she shows off her skills in free-hand modelling.

Enjoy this....