Fondant on its own generally has a matte appearance. As a baker or decorator, there are several techniques you can use to make your fondant decorations and fondant-covered cakes shiny. However the level of shine varies depending on the technique, so the best one to use may depend on the kind of job you are doing and what you intend to achieve.

Our dear bakers and cake lovers, Still in the spirit of reference, I present to you the Ladies shoe concept. These are cakes of the same theme as decorated and designed by different bakers.

Let's enjoy the views and save the pictures for reference...

 Good afternoon amazing bakers and cake lovers. Bringing to you today in this new segment of the Free-hand medeling series  are yet some more insightful teachings on free hand modelling. These are simplified for use for any sugar artist who wants to derive such characters with ease

Let's go on another study trip with Gabriela Doležalová as she shows off her skills in free-hand modelling.

Enjoy this....

Distinguished bakers and cake lovers, hope the week is going on fine in the midst of challenges we all face as individuals. My advice is "Keep up and don't give up" And here is one of the easiest ways to keep up......Eat giant cupcakes! laughingsmile

But seriously cupcakes have a way of lifting up our spirits. So just look at this simple step of achieving a bigger decorated cupcake. A couple of them can serve the purpose of a big single cake and also come out handy for every one.

Just watch this and be cupcake-ful...

Happy weekend my amiable bakers and cake lovers. Hope the weekend is going on fine. I came across this tutorial and I felt like sharing it on this segment of our programmes. This is a pictorial view of how to mold the feeding bottle with a toy holding it close. This modelling can be done for a baby shower cake or child christening 

Let's learn!

Ever amazing bakers and cake lovers, today again we are showcasing the second version of the  classic 3D cakes sourced from different Pro bakers around the world. Like we always say, the essence of this is to provide a reference point for recreating and replicating classic works for clients joy and satisfaction.