Challenge: Beautifully made cake covered with fondant starts swelling up at various points. This happens when air bubbles are trapped in the cake which happens as a result of condensation and the cake “settling.” As the trapped air tries to escape, it goes through the cake filling and is trapped underneath the fondant as it cannot penetrate the fondant covering.

Making a cake is not a difficult process, but complications can arise whether you are using a premixed product or baking the cake from scratch. By altering the ingredients, however, you can eliminate a number of potential pitfalls that lead to a cake being dry and crumbly when it comes out of the oven. In some cases, making substitutions or adding one additional element is all you need to make an extremely moist and fluffy cake. Please note that it is possible for a cake to by fluffy and not moist. It is thus beneficial for you to know exactly what you want to achieve in order for the rules below to guide you Let’s look at the points as categorized below..

Challenge: You buy lovely themed liners to bake your cupcakes in but after baking you discover that the designs on the cupcake liners are no longer visible and the liner has become dull and greasy. This happens because of the fats and oils in the cupcake batter.

Ever seen the beautiful Cinderella on her fairy carriage before? I guess you need to be in the Disney land to see this beautiful lasy and her glass shoes.... but there is another way to see her.... In the cake! Yes the cake.

Bakers have carefully brought this precious girl in to flour and sugar. The Cinderella carriage cake will be one of the best Disney cakes...

Some time ago in our Facebook group wall, I invited this international baking sensation, Candy Ramirez to be our online guest tutor and she was so generous on that day to teach us this Geode design, Like I said on the announcement, This geode effect is new in the industry and trending abroad. I felt its good we Naija baker have a feel of it and bring the designs live here in Naija.

If you'd recall, I posted a showcase of Geode design and I promised our distinguished readers that I will soon get the tutorials here on the blog. If you did not read that post, click on this link " Geode Cake Designs - A New WOW Effect" and refresh your mind on what geode design is all about.

My beautiful bakers and cake lovers, let's follow Candy Ramirez as she takes us through this tutorial again (For those who were not online on that day and those who are not our group members).

Amazing bakers and cake lovers, I just came across this tutorial and I feel it might be helpful. It's a step by step outline on making a heeled open shoe. Note the support given to the finished product. this is to make the crosses firm and should be there till the gum paste is dry.

Let's look at the steps...