Challenge: Getting the correct measurement for your cupcakes is a challenge. They always overflow during baking thus making them unattractive. They also appear uneven. This is a result of overfilling your cupcake liners.

It’s a known fact that sugar is necessary for baking largely due to the fact that it’s what makes sweetens the taste of products. But an important note also is its unique chemical nature, sugar also performs many other vital functions baked goods.

To be precise here, our reference point here is the kind of sugar mostly used in baking which is the dry, crystalline sugars that are jointly referred to as table sugar. This sugar comes in several forms, such as granulated, brown, and powdered, A good knowledge of how this ingredient performs in recipes, will provide a clearer and better understanding to a baker. This because because many baking ruins can be traced to one little mistake in the use of sugar.
Let’s look at the functions of sugar in baking asides the taste

Challenge: While making your own almond flour at home, you discover that it is clumping together almost like a paste. This happens because almonds have a lot of oil in them which means a lot of moisture.

A good knowledge of how to store a cake appropriately is an imperative part of the baking and cake decorating procedure. In this article we want to consider how to store a cake at the different stages of its shelf life: the time the cake is just baked, decorated but uncut, and how to store cake leftovers. This will help you to store the cake for the maximum amount of time possible.
Bearing in mind that cake is a perishable food, it implies that from the moment it’s baked, its lifespan is limited. The basic primary elements working against its freshness are heat and humidity. Secondary threats to a cake’s life include strong or artificial light, which can fade or change colors. Therefore keeping your cake safe from these elements is key in preserving its freshness.

Good morning my beautiful people. I hope we had a wonderful night. Friday is special to a lot of people and that's why we always say "Thank God It's Friday" (TGIF). Today is next and we will all have a lot to do. So I bring to you this weekend special. Its a tutorial on how to achieve that beautiful bouquet cake.

Let's enjoy our weekend...

Challenge: When you bake cakes with fruits and nuts, they end up sinking to the bottom of the cake during baking. This is a direct result of gravity as the fruits and nuts are heavier than the cake batter.