Kiddies Cake Inspiration Featured

Children are a gift from God! They come as such an amazing package…a bundle of joy to their parents. To understand children, you will have to take a dive into their world. I always respect teachers who spend time bringing up these kids because it is not an easy task.

Now I have learnt a lot as a baker, getting the kids to be happy when it comes to their parties (birthdays, graduation etc) requires me to view the world in their own way. Cartoon is such an awesome way to express the kiddies world! No wonder cake makers have a way of making the kids feel good on their day..

Anino Ijewere is a perceptive baker based in Lagos, South-west Nigeria. Her professional intelligence in the baking industry has earned her a peep from my nosy lens. I love her artistic nature on cakes and the precise finishes applied on her crafted cakes. Now this is what I call a show of style!

She is the Creative Director and CEO of Jaynes Cravings and you need to see what my peep resulted to....cakes, cakes and lovely cakes...

Naija Bakers Rock!

A few days ago, I published on my Instagram page, a call to celebrate our Naija bakers in diaspora. On that note, bakers were asked to tag other bakers. We found a lot Naija bakers scattered all over the world and they showcased lots of their cakes. I will be gradually rolling them out here under the caption "naija Bakers In Diaspora"

Let's see my first showcase.... 

My beautiful bakers and cake lovers, I was so excited over the weekend. I had lots of reasons to come to blog today and it's all because of you my wonderful bakers and cake lovers. Guess what? I found another star baker over the weekend. It is so amazing to see that the Naija cake industry is producing so much great talents! I feel so proud of Naija Bakers!!

This evening I present to you the result of my long neck peep over the weekend....Splendid Splash, a Naija bakery and confectionery outfit 

Dear readers, just take the peep with me ....

 Good evening my ever-shining bakers and cake lovers. Hope you had a good time this wonderful Saturday. Here I come again with another approach to the Kiddies Birthday Cake Inspiration. I know your kids or that of your clients are likely gonna celebrate soon. If you are still in the air as to what cake you want to do for him / her, then look here to see if there's any head way out of that dilemma.

Lets look here...

There is something I love about this brand that is exciting me; you can see the rich color blend and all the works. These cakes colors are pricisely mixed! The crafting is also superb! At the time I peeped and saw these cakes, I imagined how this baker would use technicalities  to achieve the perfect edges and curves, straight lines and equal levels…. Menn! I was thrilled at the technical assembly of the cakes I saw

My dear bakers and cake lovers, I present the brand, Magxys J Cakes to you and a showcase of the cakes produced in this oven.