I am such a nosy girl wink I am in this habit of peeping into bakers' ovens...no, their collections...and guess what? i always find something interesting!

Today I peeped and saw my amazing lady as always, Kitchen Pastries and her cakes. I couldn't help but show them here. 

Accountant by day and  baker by night, this amazing lady gives it to the people of Houston Texas freshly pressed! This is what I call multi-tasking. I just imagine how busy her whole 24 hrs could be some times. 

See some amazing creations from this oven. This is Onome's Cakes Live from Houston Texas, USA. Naija cake lovers around there please take note!

Lots of cake designs have have been introduced over time but this concept has always kept cake critics and admirers on their open mouths. This effect on decorated cake is called "Geode Effect"

Geodes are a variable phenomenon and, therefore, many theories exists to explain how they are created. The term geode is derived from the Greek word Geoides which means "earthlike."

A geode is a sphere shaped rock which contains a hollow cavity lined with crystals.

Here comes another trend on the blog. In this programme, we will be featuring classic Men's Shirt cake designs from different bakers. The idea behind this is always simple " Create a reference point for cake lovers and customers to access desired designs"

Here they come....

From the ovens of Xcite cakes comes this batch of amazing creations in cake decorating..... Xcite Cakes is a pastry outfit located in the UK and owned by our own Naija Baker. Their Facebook description has this to say about the creative director;

"Beautiful and fun home made cakes and tasty treats inspired by my love for my children. I am a self taught cake decorator"

Check out some cakes from her collections....

Distinguished bakers and cake lovers, today we are showcasing some classic 3D cakes sourced from different Pro bakers around the world. The essence of this is to provide a reference point for recreating and replicating classic works for clients joy and satisfaction.