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Thursday, 07 September 2017 00:00

Photo Speaks @ Dewdrops Uncut Learning Seminar

This was how we rolled it at the Dewdrops Uncut Learning seminar. There was so much fun to much things to much network to connect. It was awesome See some of the photos at the event. (don't ask me about my own picture here! I was busy snapping others that I forgot to add myselflaughing but I was there sha...)

It was the biggest of all learning assemblage. It was the Uncut learning, a fun fantastic bakers seminar. It was live at the event hall of the Civic Centre in Vi Lagos.

This event brought together almost all the bakers in the Nigerian baking industry. I use the word “almost” because the few who didn’t make it wished they did. There were lots of superb demo classes by master bakers of Nigerian origin both from here and from the diaspora. It was indeed a big resource from bakers to connect and learn. It was really uncut, unadulterated….

Tarela Okene, the Creative Director and CEO of Dripples Cakes is one of Naija’s finest in cake artistry. Her works has been recognized both here in Nigeria and abroad as masterpieces at different levels. One thing that people also love about her is her large heart. She gives (knowledge) like she doesn’t need it! A lot of bakers today have attributed their craft and precision to her tutelage…

Today in this special NTWCI segment, I present her various ideas of traditional wedding cake. Please let’s give it up for this sugar diva as we go on this view tour of her cakes…

You can always count on Naija bakers for a massive roll-out. These days I don't have to stress myself to compile cakes for publishing because there will always be a lot on my table each new day. The beauty of it is that these cakes that keep flowing are all awesome. I have been totally convinced a long time that Naija no de carry last when it comes to craft.

Ladies and gentlemen, check out my collections for August....

Friday, 25 August 2017 00:00

THE BOOKS: My August's Top 10 Special

"....And the books shall be opened" - Chioma ch 1 vs 2 winklaughing But honestly the books have been open this August! I made these amazing collections a few days back and i can't stop going back to look at them. Real magazines...real books....real journals...real cake! No fake, no rubbish! ...I want you all to give it up for Naija Bakers!! We rock!

Check out these amazing collections. I call it "my August Book cake Bomb" Please not the bakers as branded on each cake and contact them if you want some. You can hook them up on social media or better still go to our Bakers Directory and search for them..

I just got her in my inbox and she says "Congratulations on being 2016 Best cake Blog award winner! that's amazing. I was wondering if you have seen my page @kyrahskitchen. I'm 11 years old girl baker from Birmingham United Kingdom. It will make my day if you follow me and repost one of my cupcakes if you like them. Thank you - Kyrah"

Trust me...I couldn't hold it and I had to reply her instantly! she's my kind of girl...she's the kind of inspiration i want to give to Naija and indeed the world. She needs to be seen...she needs to be encouraged...I got into a chat with her..

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