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Our esteemed bakers and cake lovers! this is warm regards from the tables of the Admin and editor... still on the promise of bringing selected flower designs and their tutorials, we present to you the Anemone Flower...

Friday, 29 January 2016 00:00

Kiddies Birthday Cake Ideas (2nd segment) Featured

Hello wonderful bakers and cake lovers! Still in the spirit of weekend groove, in this 2nd segment of our Kiddies Birthday Cake Ideas programme, we present to you some amazing Kiddies birthday cake pictures for your digest. In view of the child's birthday coming soon, just check out these designs...who knows, it might make the child's day!. Like we always say, we want to keep a photo bank for cake lovers' reference in cake choices as we all 'd love to give our children the best during their birthdays

...Somewhere in Lagos, South-West Nigeria...this is a classical wedding in our times and season. These royal buddies thrilled us with affluence and charm! Just check out the swag in their Trad and Pre shoots.......Back to the matter (let me mind my business) Jeez!! Did you see that massive wedding cake?? 

Naija bakers, if you were the one that did that cake, report yourself here or.........(lol). Meenn!! I love the whole concept- presentation, colour...you name it.

Just check these pictures out...

Our dear esteemed bakers and cake lovers, In today's Naija Bakers' Diary Series segment, we went all the way to Abuja, FCT where we met a wonderful lady! She has this amazing way of expression and I couldn't help but fall in love with everything I saw there. Biegnet Baker is the Creative Director and Quality Control Manager at Pastry Galleria, Abuja. Bellow are our interactions with her....

The major bakery industries are cake manufacturing , bread manufacturing and biscuit manufacturing . These segments of the industry are labour intensive as automation is high in cost for bakery outfits which make them avoid the safety standards.

Bakeries in Nigeria would have numerous accidents and injuries which goes unnoticed.

In today's tutorial from the Admin's desk, we present a step by step pictorial view of how to make a Gucci hand bag with fondant. We do hope this will help a Naija baker in learning how to do this.

Enjoy the view.....

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