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Thursday, 04 February 2016 00:00

Naija Traditional wedding Cake Ideas.........5th Segment Featured

Our esteemed bakers and cake lovers, we are happy to inform you that there has been testimonies of the results of this programme! we have started getting pictures of the replicates of the cakes posted here. Naija bakers always rock!! Now we will be showcasing the replicates in the league of the sample pro. The reason is simply that these cakes are on point!

No movie or painting in a tropical land is complete without showing a girl with a flower in her hair. The flowers used are often hibiscus flowers.

Our esteemed bakers and cake lovers, in today's tutorial from Admin's table, we present to you the Peony Flower

The Chinese call Peonies the King of flowers or the Flower Fairy.

Monday, 01 February 2016 00:00

Gravity Defying Cakes....The Science Of Suspension Featured

Have you ever paused to wonder how a cake is magically placed mid-air? That time that you can't take off you your eyes and thought on how the baker performed that magic! Several cakes can make you wonder in amazement how such piece of edible artwork floats freely on air-defying the law of gravity.

Our highly esteemed bakers and cake lovers, from the desk of the editor and admin, we wish you a very fruitful February. Coincidentally, it also starts with a new week. In today's segment of Naija Bakers' Diary Series, we moved down south to Asaba where we met an amazing talent in the cake industry. She is none other than Mrs Rina Onyeobi, the CEO of Cakes 'n' Slices. She shared her experience in the baking world with us. Below is our conversation with her.

Saturday, 30 January 2016 00:00

Naija Traditional wedding Cake Ideas.........4th Segment Featured

Our wonderful bakers and cake lovers, today we bring you the 4th segment of our programme "Naija traditional Wedding Cake Ideas" This segment is packed with 7 exotic cake pictures designed and crafted by our own Naija cake stars. These cakes will for sure appeal to a cake lover today! If your day is near, save any of them and show your cake designer. If not, still save them cos your friend might need them 

Let's enjoy the views.....

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