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A very beautiful evening to you my wonderful bakers and cake lovers, Still your girl buzzing your screen with my promise - The world Bakers' Showcase! I promised you an exciting roll out of bakers that are not of Naija origin, a display of excellent performances all over the world as regards cake. This is the second edition of this programme and I am sure we will soon loose count because I got a lot of them on the list..

In today's edition of the showcase I bring to you from the city of Birmingham, United Kingdom a sensation in the baking industry. ladies and gentlemen, behold Enrique Rojas, Creative director and sugar artist at Have Some Cake UK. He has been in the cake art for six years and has made so much impact in the cake affairs of the UK

For me, Naija weddings come with this nostalgic feelings......I think of the bride and the groom coming together to live as one...for life (at least that's how it is meant to be). This was the case for Uyi and Ahmed, they knew quite well that this very act symbolizes the beginning of a happy life together, a life that will come with challenges, trials and ofcourse victory.

Now that's not my sermon...I am always particular about CAKES ! At this point I want to give it up for Sweet Indulgence by Ola. The cake was simply out of this world! You could easily see it in the couples' eyes. The smiles on their face says it all. The cake simply looks like it is hanging from the top with its weight suspended. This is an art! and we give kudos to the Naija baker.

Let's see the pictures...

Tuesday, 13 March 2018 00:00

Special Adult Birthday Cakes By Naija Bakers Featured

Artistically brandished...permit me to flood your eye paths with my collections for classic adult cakes for this month. Carefully selected, I have taken the time to publish all here for ease of appreciation, copying and replication. Please do not forget to mention the baker that inspired you.
Let the sight show begin....

Tuesday, 13 March 2018 00:00

Unique Birthday Cake Designs For March Featured

This is classic! a collection of BIRTHDAY master pieces from different talented Naija bakers....my guide here was simplicity in sophistication. I saw a brandish of artistry in the decoration and presentation of these pieces of cake art...Do you agree with me? They are my recent collections

Let's check them out..

And it came to pass that Elizabeth the daughter of Okon from the tribe of Ibom accept the hands of Philip the Son of Ogunleye and sayest unto him " I do wed thee" in the congregation of the people. This is to fulfill what the prophet said.."And the man shall leave his father and his mother and shall cling unto his wife and they shall become one flesh. This happened in the second month of the eighteenth year after the millennium......

Dear cake lovers! this is how it went down just recently... I was there live and saw it! You know I am  a fan of fantastic cake and I tell you, I was getting ready for it as the time drew near...

Good evening my wonderful bakers and cake lovers. I hope everyone is doing pretty well out there. Its a cool evening here in the city of Lagos and even though there seems to be a bit of a dry weather, we always experience heat flashes at night

We apologize for the disappearance of this programme from our blog for a long time due majorly to our focus on developing other contents. We promise to bring it fully back for your entertainment,education and encouragement.

In this new year opening  segment of the Naija Bakers' Diary Series, I found a sensation in the Naija baking industry. I love it when a baker hits the ground running and this baker did just that. Since her intro in the industry, she has made so much impact and has been seen by most cake lovers as a talent to showcase....

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Modupe Fagbohungbe , Sugar artist and CEO of Salt Lagos, a culinary outfit in Lagos,south-west Nigeria. She has a lot to tell us in this interview section so I suggest you sit down, relax and read her lips here......

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