#Frompariswithlove17: Toyosi And Wole’s Glamorous Wedding With Tosan’s Artistry


When I saw these pictures, my mind wondered into the quality of time required to assemble such a feast. The couple chose a special theme for their wedding and needed special vendors to bring it to life…

The cake Maestro himself, Tosan jemide of Cakes by Tosan was one of the vendors who made this dream come true…He present to them the Eiffel tower, the symbol of Paris love and strength. This cake made 80% impact on the symbolism of the theme of this wedding. I need not say much my dear readers, Please see these pictures below and feel the vibes like I did when I first saw them. 

Happy love life to you Toyosi and Wole. may your love tower high like the Paris tower…the Eiffel Tower!












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