Africa Day Cake Art Collaboration – Naija Bakers Show Off Africa’s Rich Culture With Cakes


The Africa Day Cake Art Collaboration is a virtual edible art collaboration by talented cake and sugar artists from Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Canada, UK and USA. This is the first time African cake artists have come together to do such a collaboration and it is intended to celebrate the commemoration of the formation of the African Union on 25th May 1963 and Africa day is also celebrated to encourage African countries to come together in unity to make Africa great.


The collaboration is officially sponsored by Sweet Cake TV and it aims to help bring up and coming African cake artists, both in Africa and the Diaspora, to prominence in the global cake industry. The vision for this Africa Day Cake Art Collaboration was to find the best African cake artists and introduce them to the world whilst educating people about our continent and representing the spirit and beauty of Africa in an edible art form with breath-taking designs.

The team of talented cake artists celebrating Africa Day 2016 are Maria Makanjuola (Sweet Cake TV), Siku Adewuyi (cake-n-candy), Terry Adido (Grated Nutmeg), Uju Onyeka Onodogo (Xcite Cakes), Tafadzwa Chigudu (TafaCakes), Violet Chaka (Cake by Violet), Oluwatoyin Karim (Olus_cake_creations), Bim Adeleye (Baked By Bim), Ntutu Gutu (Gutu Cakes), Doris Orumwese (Dorisa Cakes and Rentals), Olabimpe Oladimeji (Blooming Bud Concept), Lenne Oberholzer (BunnyBlossom Cakes & Parties), Rocio Fukuda (Rustik CAKE Studio), Pauline Janet Twala (Affordable Eats-Kisumu’s Outside Catering and Cake House), Ajibola Onafowokan (Arality World), Titilope Adeoti (TL Cake Boulevard), Ngozi Obi-Chukwuma (Heles Cake and Events) and NyAlice Dzapasi (Double ‘D’ Delights).

All the artistic cakes were revealed today 25th May 2016 on their official Facebook page and also unveiled on their website  and the public are invited to vote for their favourite cakes and also share the photographs and videos on social media to help the world celebrate Africa Day.

Here on this blog , we share these wonderful cake pictures as we celebrate our Naija Bakers that participated in this maiden collaboration. We also say kudos to other talented cake artists from other parts of Africa.


This cake design is based on the strength of an African woman. The beauty of Africa cannot be celebrated without recognising the strength and beauty of our African mothers who work hard and are uplifted by their virtue and goodness. I changed an original design I had to this as I was inspired by my own strength and the strength of all African women. The tree design holding her up signifies how she rises above every adversity and gives purpose to her life and those all around her. MOTHER AFRICA WE CELEBRATE YOU.”  – Uju Onyeka Onodugo (Xcite Cakes)


“The symbol is a strong and beautiful African woman. The walls are the struggles, problems, oppositions she faces… She still managed to break the WALLS surrounding her. The sunset above her represents colours and light visible in the sky as an occasion which shows that after much struggles(wall), she appeared victorious.” – Ngozi Obi-Chukwuma (Heles Cake and Events)


“It is a 3 tier cake which is a typical illustration of the Africa setting and shows the day to day activities of the African man. The base of my cake illustrate our rivers with sugar sea shells and that shows Africa is fertile. An Africa woman ( silhouette) is on her way to the river to fetch water so she could prepare meal for the family. That’s the strength of the Africa woman- very hardworking. The sun rises beautifully in our Africa and our vegetation grows beautifully. We used a hand painted palm tree since its produce is a source of income in Africa. The 2nd tier illustrates the afternoon setting,our soil is rich and fertile that’s why that giant sugar tree could grow and our hand painted bird admiring the beauty of Africa. In Africa we live in huts and we have carefully built a sugar hut, the woman is inside cooking for her family and the smoke coming out through the door. The last tier has the moon, the hand painted trees, animal and the hand painted valleys and mountains giving a beautiful sight of Africa at dusk. The The sugar cowries at the base is a symbol of our means of exchange, we sell and buy things with cowries and the mat on the tier is a beautifully created sugar mat. Making & selling of mats is a source of income in Africa. We also have the Djembe drum as our topper, it’s done in sugar and carefully carved out, embellished with some Africa art designs . It’s a symbol of peace in Africa and once the Djembe drum is beaten it sounds peace into the heart of everyone around. The leopard skin design is a pattern that appears on our fabrics and hence lifting up the lovely created sugar Africa Map. I love Africa, my beautiful Africa, a land of peace and honour.” – Oladimeji Olabimpe (Blooming Bud Concept)


Titilope Adeoti (TL Cake Buolevard)


“The bottom tier is covered with pastillage pieces with edges lined with a cheetah pattern. This floating effect depicts the natural beauty of our Animals. The top tier portrays the sunset, it’s reflection, and a silhouette palm tree. My cake topper is an African female warrior, graceful, beautiful and still fierce judging from the the leopard ensemble she has on. – obviously one of the gains of her hunt! Behold, the beauty and spirit of Africa!” – Siku Adewuyi (Cake-n-candy)


– Oluwatoyin Karim (Olu’s Cake Creations)


“To me the spirit of Africa is all about family and our vast culture. My cake depicts a family, with the grand mother doing what she does best, telling folk tales to her grandchildren, the men of the house playing a local game of ayò (a Nigerian game), one of the wives calving calabash, mothers coming from the market and others going out, and a piece of farm land.” – Ajibola Onafowokan (Arality World)


“As for what the elements symbolize, I tried to capture various African artistic works as these to me bring out the beauty and spirit of Africa. Carved calabashes showcase the art of gourd carving. The brooches represent gold smithing and other forms of metalworking. They also showcase precious metals found in Africa. The mask showcases painting and mosaic art and the horns showcase African sculpture.” – Terry Adidio ( Grated Nutmeg)


Doris Orumwese (Dorisa Cakes and Rentals)



“In line with the theme, ‘The Spirit and Beauty of Africa’, I drew my inspiration from some of the great characteristics of my continent Africa. The pearl lustre and the gold trimmings all around the cake show opulence – which represent the wealth of natural resources in Africa. The Black tier represents crude oil, aka ‘black gold’. – my home country Nigeria has this in abundance. The spray of green leaves on the bottom tier represents the fertile agricultural lands and the great jungles of Africa. The 2nd World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture was held in my home country Nigeria in 1977 and the Benin Pendant Mask associated with great warrior and powerful Monarch, Queen Idia of Benin Kingdom was the emblem of this great festival! (as seen in the centre of the black tier) I hope you love this cake as much as I do and everything that it stands for.” – Bim Adeleye (Baked By Bim)




“My inspiration for this collaboration stems from the beauty of the diverse cultures in music, beauty and dance within my country of origin; Nigeria.” Do you Nigerians recognize any landmarks?!! – Wendy Wen (Wendy’s Cake craft)


There are other amazing cakes presented on this event by other bakers from other African countries. For more of these pictures, visit 

Long live Africa!!!


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