My ever cheerful bakers and cake lovers, this is your girl wishing you a blissful weekend as I know a lot of us are engaged in one activity or the other. The year if gradually winding up and lots of people are pushing harder to complete their resolutions for the year. I tell you what? Just take it one step at a time. if God permits, you will finish all this year if not, strive to do better next year. There is still opportunity to make this work.

In today's segment of the NTWCI, I tried to bring in latest works by some Naija bakers. I'd love that these cakes be showcased for other bakers and customers to see and draw inspiration from. that up-coming trad can still be as tec as you want it. Maybe you should just look below here....

Beautiful concepts come from superb wedding planning. It is important to note here that the success of your wedding reception and the quality of the memories you can create for yourself is largely dependent on the planing. It is therefore wise to choose an experienced wedding planner. The benefits are that he/she has worked with several superb vendors who can interpret concepts more perfectly. 

Just like in this wedding, This couple could not ask for more, the venue deco, photo shoot...and the CAKE!

I always love wedding works created by Helado Delicia. This brand is seriously making waves in today's Naija weddings. The reason I suppose is consistency in superb concept interpretation. Just check out the pictures and note my addiction to the cakes and the photography concepts...

Beautiful bride....charming groom....awesome wedding....happy guests..all are interwoven! This could only be possible if one more this is extra-ordinarily presented...The CAKE!

Ikenna and his bride Ifeoma are no doubt on of the lucky couples recorded in the Naija wedding lists. This is just because of the fact that the made the right decision. the contacted Cakebazaar!

These days, I love reporting weddings. Not just for the cakes and Naija bakers alone, but I've come to take interest in the photo shoot! These days, weddings bring the fondest memories for couples as as the spend fortune in photos, Apart from the photos, I also love good and exquisite events deco, I love Asoebi, I love the swag on the bridal train and groom's men...I love weddings!

So today I am reporting this wedding between Maureen and Blossom. As at press time, I have not gotten hold of the identity of the Naija baker but the cake was simple and beautiful....then the deco and the photos....

Enjoy the view

I always imagine how excited a couple can be when they come into their events hall and see everything in order. Planning a wedding can be so stressful but the joy of it is capped when the vendors do a superb job..

Such magic moment is this wedding I am reporting....I can just imagine the beauty of the smiles in the heart of the couple. Among other reason to beam those smiles in the CAKE!

In today's weddings, memories are created never to be forgotten. This is the case for Chioma and Wale as they tie the knot in the presence of family and friends. It was an angelic site to behold!

Now let's talk about the colour of the day...I never felt the charm ever before as I felt seeing the combination of black and gold! It brought kingship on board!. Richly clad groom's men show a grasp of appeal as the stand in line next to the bridal train dressed on that fitted BLACK gowns with a royal touch of gold... How else could I describe this?? And the the CAKE!!!