I waited a bit for the vibe to steep before I raise it again. This traditional wedding got me excited so much that I had to first put it on my social media platforms first and generate the first applauds before bringing it here, 

I just loved the concept of the cake by The Empress Galleria. I suppose this idea came from the bride (trust us womenlaughing), I so much love the concept.... and the couple...their swag was on point!

Once more happy married life to you Chioma and Obi.  

I've made it a point of duty here to always showcase latest traditional wedding cakes for readers to have ideas on the next trad event. We are a cultural people and we can never rule out this event in our wedding life. This segment is therefore very important for all of us....Even if you are married, you have a friend or relation that needs this. Please save and share with them

Let's look at these few I shared...

Get inspired with these wonderful contemporary designs on wedding cakes. Note the beauty in simplicity. These cakes are not over-crowded with decoration (except for a few) and so the come out simple but beautifully highlighted with few accents. This generally exposes their perfect structure (which is the basis of wedding cake decorating)

Our Naija bakers rock!......Check them out and save them as reference for your own wedding events.

This is a story of love, romance and cake....I love the fact that we bakers are always in the picture. In this case, we have Anna's sweet Treats making the day for the couple.

Tonie and Chris are just two blest people who have been united as one. Friends and family gathered to cheer this couple to married life...I'm sure none of them figured out how the cake was going to look like. This could possibly be a though-out plan by the bride...to wow the audience with her "queer" idea of cake decorating. Thank God she found the right baker to bring her Ideas to reality....

Helado Delicia has featured so much in my blog this year. this is just the fact that this brand has been firing hot on weddings! I am always excited about the works and I don't blink to publish them. I also notice the blossoming relationship between this brand and popular event managers. Thus is a thing to be encouraged in the industry. The synergy is just awesome. The big deal is.. Helado Delicia represents well!. I guess that's the magic in the romance between the brand and events people.

The cakes (both trad and white) were on point!. I guess the couple, Ifeyinwa and Joseph had smiles gushing from their hearts all through the celebration. I could see this in the pictures as showcased.

Never failing to mention the event managers, Zapphaire Events, and the photographers, Olumide photography and George Okoro Photography

Happy married life to the newly wed and kudos to the Naija baker and the events crew. See Pictures after the cut...

Our esteemed Bakers and cake lovers, It's Christmas and new year is at the corner! I hope you guys are getting ready for the Christmas and new year activities....the weddings..birthdays...child dedications and what have you. Like I've always said, it is my pleasure to bring up ideas and programmes that can add value to our lives. If you are not a baker, you are a consumer! I mentioned in the previous  segments that this programme was born out of the need for clients to have an array of cake ideas to select from. Also bakers can have more ideas to present to clients.

Please Note that all selected pictures were made by Naija Bakers.

Enjoy the views and grab new ideas!!