In today's weddings, memories are created never to be forgotten. This is the case for Chioma and Wale as they tie the knot in the presence of family and friends. It was an angelic site to behold!

Now let's talk about the colour of the day...I never felt the charm ever before as I felt seeing the combination of black and gold! It brought kingship on board!. Richly clad groom's men show a grasp of appeal as the stand in line next to the bridal train dressed on that fitted BLACK gowns with a royal touch of gold... How else could I describe this?? And the the CAKE!!!

Wedding Cakes By Naija Bakers Featured

Good evening distinguished bakers and cake lovers. Tonight I bring to you my collection of fantastic wedding cakes made in Nigeria. Our bakers are too much! I took time to search and get this collection of cakes. I'll be doing that from time to time. Meanwhile enjoy these views as I start this program here. Next time you think of classic wedding cake, think Naija!

There was so much happiness in the faces of the couple... Oyibo was dancing to the tune of our local music. One could visibly see the radiation of fulfillment in the couple as the danced their way to the traditional wedding arena....

I strongly feel it was the cake! Oven secret nailed it with that awesome traditional wedding cake. The theme of the cake said it all - " the bride is ready to go home with the groom" You can see her box that is filled to the brim to the extent that she had to fold one wrapper outside the box. Her shoes and hand bag. The groom also said "I'm ready to live with you" His staff and hat and his money...

Kudos to the Naija baker and happy wedlock to the couple. Pictures after the cut..

It was simply the "Wow" factor as the guests marveled at the cake presentations. The couple could no longer express the fullness of their joy as family and friends came together to cheer them to a happy wedlock.

Basirat and Tolu are such a blest couple! Their joy became much complete with the wonderful cakes by Helado Delicia. I'd rather you my reader do the analysis yourself. Those cake were simply awesome especially the wedding cake.

I'll just stop talking and allow you to view the pictures.....

My wonderful bakers and cake lovers, I wish you a very blissful new week . Over the weekend, our dear country Nigeria celebrated her 56th independence year. Lots of bakers had jobs to do and everybody had fun even in the face of the recession.

In today's segment of the Naija Traditional Wedding Cake ideas, I present to you nine beautiful cakes proudly made by Naija bakers. Like I have said in the time past, I am happy because we are having these wonderful designs from all parts of the industry. We now rarely have monopolized designs as you could find each design replicated by many bakers. This shows our high rate of improvement.

Let's see these works by Naija Bakers...

Location: Abuja FCT.

This beautiful event took place at The Pearl Arena in the city of Abuja and it was a wedding between two lovely hearts. Moji and Fola could not wish more as friends and family came together to wish them a happy married life. It started with the traditional side of the wedding and then went into the white wedding. It was fun for everyone.

As my tradition, I'll always wanna talk about CAKE. I love the neatness and simplicity of the cake and I am sure everybody loved it. The cake was neatly crafted and presented by Sandos Bakeshop Abuja. Not to forget beautiful pictures by Shoebox Photography

The Event managers Sculptors Event Planners did an awesome job on getting together all these talented vendors to work in harmony thus producing this wonderful event. Now I call it "having an eye for good thing" 

Below is the  report as provided by the event managers...