The idea is to showcase cake o! but Meen! I also love to showcase photo shots that are on point as well as breath-taking decorations.

Such is the case for Nina ad Eze. This couple earned my showcase because their photo pose was heavenly. Now the biggest part of it was their CAKE!  Soso of the empress galleria has her way with drawing attention to cakes. At a glance, you’d think that was a real box! I love her practical craft both from the imagination to the implementation...

The very beginning of March witnessed the union of two love birds....Deborah and Elvis celebrated their love as they were united in wedlock. The event rocked and I guess among other things that made it rock was the CAKE!

Chocolate Love Cakes PH did justice to that occasion by crafting a beautiful trad cake for the couple. It was a nice art piece and food. This was evidently manifested in the faces of the couple as you could see them beaming with smiles. 

We wish them happy married life and we say kudos to our Naija baker

The city of Abuja, FCT witnessed a lovely union between Emmanuel and his sweetheart Precious in a beautiful style. Friends and family gathered for this occasion and were all thrilled by the setting of this event. Among the arrangements that thrilled the guests were the CAKES! Both the traditional and the white wedding cakes were all on point. That was the beautiful hands of CreamsnDaises crafting those wonderful art pieces.

We wish the couple a wonderful life together and say kudos to out Naija baker

...what did I say last?...Yes! When the captain decides to take his bride, he has to do it in the most grandeur way...Oh I love the swords that cross their heads as they walked through..Its such a glamour and for once, you'll feel like being a captain or getting married to a captain. Yes when the captain decides to take his bride...he assembles together the best hands, the food must taste like mama's...the music??? it must match with the force!...the decoration must fit the warrior....the CAKE! It must be gorgeous!....And so when the captain decides to take his bride...He will call The Pearl Jacob to plan the event... Diko Photography to capture all moments...and of course Helado Delicia..and the CAKE stands tall!

This is the story of the captain and and his bride...the story of Hassan and Tosin!

More love to the couple and kudos to the Naija crew that brought this to life..

Its so glorious!! seldom do I see such scene as this.... Nigeria is really growing in entertainment and hospitality. I was just watching the pictures and I stood in awe! 

Jite and Uche must have agreed to date at an ordinary day, decided to marry at an ordinary day,....but they created an extra-ordinary day the moment they brought the following vendors together:

Good morning my distinguished readers.  A happy Sunday to you all. Your girl is at it again this morning just before I rush off to my 9;45 mass. I needed to share these wonderful collections from Bluberry Cakes ovens

Mrs Itohan Asibor is the CEO and creative director. She is the solid brain and hands behind this awesome creations.

Enjoy the views and save them for your next trad event.