Our  esteemed Bakers and cake lovers, Like we've always said, it is our pleasure to bring up ideas and programmes that can add value to our lives. If you are not a baker, you are a consumer! We mentioned in the 1st segment this programme was born out of the need for clients to have an array of cake ideas to select from. Also bakers can have more ideas to present to clients.

Please Note that all selected pictures were made by Naija Bakers and credit will be given to the sources as foot notes.

Enjoy the views and grab new ideas!!

Just recently, family and friends gathered to bear witness as Obinna took his beautiful bride Nma to the alter. It was glamorous as the event as well arranged from venue to photography and.....the cake! Yes!! the cake....

Made in Heaven Events just nailed it there with this amazing 5-tiered cake! There is this glamour expressed on the cake as the gold beads and royal designs complimented the pink flowers... you could feel it from afar. Naija bakers rock!

Check out the wonderful pictorial views as presented by Kream Photography 

Ever cherished bakers and cake lovers, Thank God It's Friday! Another weekend is around the corner. If you did not finish your set out task for this week, don't worry! next week will give you a better opportunity to do so. If you did, Thank God! We are here to put smiles on your face just by showing off some amazing wedding cake pictures for your digest. Especially for you out there that is planing your wedding and probably in a fix as to which design of cake you want, don't worry help is on the way. Just check out the weeding cakes on the spot this weekend

Our esteemed bakers and cake lovers, we are happy to inform you that there has been testimonies of the results of this programme! we have started getting pictures of the replicates of the cakes posted here. Naija bakers always rock!! Now we will be showcasing the replicates in the league of the sample pro. The reason is simply that these cakes are on point!

Our wonderful bakers and cake lovers, today we bring you the 4th segment of our programme "Naija traditional Wedding Cake Ideas" This segment is packed with 7 exotic cake pictures designed and crafted by our own Naija cake stars. These cakes will for sure appeal to a cake lover today! If your day is near, save any of them and show your cake designer. If not, still save them cos your friend might need them 

Let's enjoy the views.....

Our dearest bakers and cake lovers, I know by now you must be swimming in the euphoria of the weekend groove. Perfect! we just want to show you some sweet cake creations that will make you smile more.

For bakers, you are free to copy and replicate the designs!

For potential clients, feed your eyes and make choices for your own day

They are all collected from different sources just to make your weekend fun

Happy Viewing...