Hello my wonderful bakers and Cake lovers, We are back again with our Naija Traditional Wedding Cake Ideas. In this segment, we will be showcasing six uncommon and classic designs made by Naija Bakers. If you have any friend who wants to have some ideas on what to do on his/her Trad, please do not hesitate to introduce him/her to this blog and especially this programme

...Somewhere in Lagos, South-West Nigeria...this is a classical wedding in our times and season. These royal buddies thrilled us with affluence and charm! Just check out the swag in their Trad and Pre shoots.......Back to the matter (let me mind my business) Jeez!! Did you see that massive wedding cake?? 

Naija bakers, if you were the one that did that cake, report yourself here or.........(lol). Meenn!! I love the whole concept- presentation, colour...you name it.

Just check these pictures out...

My esteemed Bakers and cake lovers, It is always my pleasure to bring up ideas and programmes that can add value to our lives. If you are not a baker, you are a consumer! This programme is born out of the need for clients to have an array of cake ideas to select from. Also bakers can have more ideas to present to clients. 

Please Note that all selected pictures were made by Naija Bakers and credit will be given to the sources as foot notes.

Enjoy the views and grab new ideas!!

A couple of years back, this pretty Naija girl got wedded to a white guy…..

Akure is one blest girl with a God-given academic excellence and a back-to-Africa home training.

I just saw this picture and I felt I should share it with Naija Bakers. 

Next time when you create that massive cake for a couple, you might introduce them to the "Sword Style"

Throw back to last weekend......

30th Wedding Anniversary Cake with a 1980's theme for a lovely couple. I guess the cake represents the family tree. 30 years is not a joke and menn! for this couple, they have lots of successful stories to tell.....the children are all grown.....business is not bad.....life is beautiful.....