Just follow these ten commandments and let the baking magic happen...

If you're a cook who can't resist tossing in a handful of this and a sprinkle of that, you may find out that baking can be a bit of a hit and miss. Baking is an area of cookery that doesn't take any less of artistic license. However if you follow a few basic baking rules, success is sure to follow...

Let’s consider these basic rules:

My ever radiant bakers and cake lovers, last week we started a programme on our Facebook page tagged "Free Cake Lecture Day" which airs every Wednesday of the week. On this day, associates of the blog can share any lecture ( tutorials, recipes, et al ) for FREE on the page. I plan to always publish interesting tutorials and recipes on the blog so everybody can read and practice.

On our first outing on this programme, Our amiable Favour Adewuyi of Favourz Cakes n' More Port Harcourt, shared this wonderful tutorial on how to achieve a palm fruit cake..

Let's see her step-by-step approach to this cake...

Good morning my wonderful bakers and cake lovers. I hope you all are enjoying the weekend weather. I am too. I just feel you could take a glance at this awesome figurine tutorial from Gabriela Dolezalova, She is quite good with figures and we will be showcasing much of them here for your view and possible learning...

Before You Begin....Practice!

Learning how to use an airbrush effectively is easy.The great thing about using an airbrush is that you will never stop learning. At first, keep your projects simple so you can master some of the basic techniques and be comfortable with the behavior of your machine while still having fun. When using an airbrush, the pressure, the speed, and the angle are
all very important. Practice airbrushing on a paper first, both vertical and horizontal, then try some complex shapes like cut out paper flowers or simple origami objects.

A few days ago, the CEO of TheWeddingWorldng, Mrs Afoke Osubor celebrated her birthday. In her wealth of kindness, she gave  FREE tutorial and interactive session which aired live on our Facebook group page.

For the sake of those who did not have the opportunity to be in that session, I have decided to share the tutorial here on the blog. Happy learning

Good morning my ever radiant bakers and cake lovers. Thank God It's Friday! Lots of fun for most of us.....lots of jobs...lots of shows, cake expos, summits et al. This is just why i decided to share this wonderful piece of tutorial by SayCheese Cakes. Its Its a wine bottle in its case and it's simply amazing.

Let's look at how Saycheese was able to achieve this wonderful piece of art and food.