Some time ago in our Facebook group wall, I invited this international baking sensation, Candy Ramirez to be our online guest tutor and she was so generous on that day to teach us this Geode design, Like I said on the announcement, This geode effect is new in the industry and trending abroad. I felt its good we Naija baker have a feel of it and bring the designs live here in Naija.

If you'd recall, I posted a showcase of Geode design and I promised our distinguished readers that I will soon get the tutorials here on the blog. If you did not read that post, click on this link " Geode Cake Designs - A New WOW Effect" and refresh your mind on what geode design is all about.

My beautiful bakers and cake lovers, let's follow Candy Ramirez as she takes us through this tutorial again (For those who were not online on that day and those who are not our group members).

Amazing bakers and cake lovers, I just came across this tutorial and I feel it might be helpful. It's a step by step outline on making a heeled open shoe. Note the support given to the finished product. this is to make the crosses firm and should be there till the gum paste is dry.

Let's look at the steps...

Good morning my dear bakers and cake lovers. I hope you are enjoying this week. I have made it a choice to always be hopeful and positive. In this segment of the Admin's Helpful Tutorial Series, I will be presenting to you my wonderful readers, a step by step detail of how to make the car cake. These are easy steps but the end product comes our amazing

Let's do it!

Most baked goods rely on a handful of ingredients, including milk, eggs, sugar, flour and butter, and each of these items plays a vital role in the formation of the end product. Milk has several roles in baking a cake beyond just moistening a batter. Milk adds structure to a batter so it doesn't collapse in the oven. Milk can also give cakes their crisp crust.

Yippie! Our Admin's Helpful Tutorial Series is back....I mean back and better!. Our awesome bakers and cake lovers, I have always assured you of my commitment to this course. I have the anointing to present sweet insightful programmes on this blog aimed at bringing relief and bringing joy to Naija bakers and cake lovers. so just board my boat, sit and relax while I rock you with cake gists and lessons.

In this segment of the Admin's Helpful Tutorial Series, I will be presenting to you my awesome readers, a step by step detail of how to make the Baby Shower cake with foot-print baby bump...

C'omon Let's go there!!!...

Good evening my esteemed bakers and cake lovers. From the dept of my heart I wish you a happy and meaningful Easter. Hope you are enjoying the holidays.

On this post, I present to you some cake faults and how it can be fixed or avoided.

Let's look at them from these angles...