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How & Why Do You Steam Fondant After It's Applied to a Cake? In trying to answer these questions, I have compiled some useful information about steamers, their operation principles and how best to use them to achieve your aim on cake decorations

Its is worthy to note that steaming fondant gives a glossy sheen.
Fondant is one of the cake decorator's best friends, a form of icing that can be rolled and shaped rather like modeling clay. Sheets of rolled fondant give cakes an unmatched smooth, velvety finish, and a skilled decorator can turn small pieces of colored fondant into decorative accents that are limited only by the imagination. Fondant's naturally matte surface is one of its few limitations. To give the fondant a sheen, or to give floral decorations a more realistic appearance, you can use steam. Steam is simply moisture on a high temperature which tends to evaporate from the surface of water at a little more than the boiling point.

Sit back, relax and watch as Chef Kola of Bakewell Cake Studio shows us a picture tutorial of how he made a sitting minion cake

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In today's tutorial from the Admin's desk, I present a step by step pictorial view of how to make a Tea Kettle cake with fondant. I do hope this will help a Naija baker in learning how to do this.

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Some few days back, I posted this lovely tutorial of a sitting pregnant woman cake  made by Rosmaury Diaz of AzucArt3L, Venezuela on our Facebook and Instagram pages, This generated a lot of emotions on the social media and Rosmaury herself asked me to publish it here on the blog

Here is that wonderful cake and the steps she took to achieve it.

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Check out these methods of making a fondant Tiara

It can be achieved through a template or a mold. 

See samples after this cut.

It is often the case that cakes are made which are not up to the required standard. When this happens, it is important to be able to identify what went wrong in order that you do not make the same mistake again. What follows is a list of the most common faults and their causes...