Making your Fondant Icing

Fondant Icing is also known as Sugarpaste!

Making Fondant from the scratch is a fun task every Cake designer should try out. It is quite easy to prepare once you have the right recipe and measurements! There are different ways of making your fondant :


A) The Gelatin Method


-Ingredients needed are :

Icing Sugar, Powdered Gelatin, Liquid Glucose, CMC, Glycerine(optional), water


1.Sift your icing sugar,

2.Mix the gelatin with small water in a glass/metal plate and heat it indirectly by placing the plate inside a pot /pan of boiling water. This is done in order to make the gelatin dissolve.


-Boil little water and mix your gelatin in it directly, when it dissolves

3. Then add your glycerine and liquid glucose to the dissolved gelatin mixture and stir till its clear.

4. Afterwards, pour it in a big bowl and start adding your sieved icing sugar gradually to it till it binds together and forms a ball shape.

5. Then you can add your CMC and knead in properly.

By so have formed your fondant and you can roll it and use it on your Cakes.

B) Egg white Method


- Ingredients needed are

Icing Sugar, Egg white, Liquid glucose, CMC


1. Sift your icing sugar and add little CMC to it

2. Break your eggs and extract the egg white and pour it into a bowl

3. Add the Liquid Glucose to it and stir till the mixture is soft and not foamy

4. Add your sieved icing sugar which already contains CMC gradually into the mixture till it all binds together and forms a ball shape

5. Knead very well and when its smooth enough, you can now work with it

There are other methods too which are not common such as the

C) Water plus Liquid glucose method

- This method involves Using a glass of water/ 35cl of water together with your required Liquid Glucose, Stir very well and add your sieved icing sugar into the mixture gradually till it binds together, then you can now knead in your CMC.

Note: You can add your colour pastes / shortening after you must have formed the Fondant but incase you are using liquid food colouring, you can add it to the mixture when its still wet before adding the icing sugar.



D) Marshmallow Fondant method

Ingredients needed...

Marshmallows( 1 medium sized pkt), Water( Half glass), Shortening, Icing sugar


Mix your water and marshmallows together and microwave it melts

Sift your icing sugar

Put your shortening in a bowl and use it to grease the bowl thoroughly

Then pour in your melted marshmallows mixture into the greased bowl

Then add your icing sugar gradually into the mixture and Mix up till it binds together and forms a ball shape

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