Good evening to you my ever radiant bakers and cake lovers, We are gradually winding up the week and it will soon be time to unwind. I decided to drop this hit NBD Series while its still hot!. I wheeled my beam of peep towards Warri, Delta state and guess what? I found an exciting sensation in the Naija baking industry. She is pretty looking and her cakes are even much prettier. I have noticed that most bakers who start from their mums are super at what they do. This lady is one of them and I love her works

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Mrs Bella Mapfumo, CEO and Creative Director of Cakes by Bella. I therefore request that you sit back relax and enjoy this ride with her....

Its is still one of the most amazing just see cakes hanging on free air with almost no support. This sounds like magic to people who are not used to this art. But to the Pros, this is still an art to behold. Now gravity defying cakes come in different forms. You could just see an animal (maybe a zebra) doing a stunt in the air, or even your favorite cartoon character on the run. One wonders how those objects become edible....

Gravity defying cakes are cakes made to have a faux victory over gravitational force. An object that goes up suddenly can't come down!!. 

Arsenal Birthday Cake Ideas Featured

Good evening my amiable bakers and cake lovers. I came across some clusters of Arsenal cake and this inspiration came...I have compiled some Arsenal theme birthday cakes for your views and recommendation.

Enjoy it....

My constellation of thoughts.... Outstanding works of Naija bakers should always be on display on this blog. The idea is to sell the Naija talent and relentless spirit to the world. We are good people and great nation.

At this instance, I have just selected some works to showcase here. I will always do this, I will always champion the cause of bringing the Naija Baker to the frontlines of cake events around the world. This is my dream, this is my goal.

I am a #NaijaBaker

Good evening My wonderful bakers and cake lovers. Thank God It's Friday! Enough grooving and catching up this evening and in fact through out the weekend...For me, I'll be catching up with lots of bakers, peeping into their ovens and getting caught in the act...Its fun for me and Its working for Naija bakers. 

In today's segment of the Naija Bakers' Diary Series, I found another new generation sensation in the Naija baking industry. I love it when baker hit the ground running and this baker did just that. In less than a year in the industry, she has made so much impact and has been seen by most cake lovers as a talent to showcase....

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Barbara Okereke, Sugar artist and CEO of Oven Secret. She has a lot to tell us in this interview section so I suggest you sit down, relax and read her lips here......

Good day to you my wonderful bakers and cake lovers, I want to use this medium to wish you once again a happy new month. This month of August is for all of us to overtake and recover all that we have lost in the past month. 

In this new month, I found a new sensation in the Naija baking industry. I have made it a point of duty to be work here is to bring to the forefront, every Naija talent that has been hidden in any part of the world, whether the hiding is an error of omission of commission without consideration, be it witchcraft or wizardry, be it from your place of birth or place of residence, work is to break the curse and bring you out to the limelight ( can I get an Amen to that??) Ahhh! I am in the spirit now!laughing

In my search over the weekend I had a chat with an outstanding Naija baker....when I saw her works, I was like "wao" It was simply amazing to find such a raw talent! I quickly had to turn the chat into an interview so I can present to you my wonderful readers..

She is no other person but Mrs Sandra Eze, and she is the CEO of Crinkles n Cream. Ladies and Gentlemen, permit me to take you all into this ship as she steers it through her style of baking