I'm not being a feminist here, the truth is that when it comes to parties, cakes and all of that, the girls have it!. Trendy and classic works on cakes are usually found more on the feminine side than the males. However I also got some guy cakes (you know the football thing) that are just awesomely trendy. Geez! look at these cakes! and imagine it's your day and your pals are gathered in one space for the party....these cakes will surely make you a diva on stage...maybe a goddess/god in the midst of mortal men.... These cakes are just cute! 

Just look at them, save the pictures and meet your cake designer....then you are just on the road to be a king/queen on your day.

Just try this!!

My ever radiant bakers and cake lovers. greeting to you from my publishing desk and happy new week to you. Hope you enjoyed the Sunday. Mine was a good one as i was preparing for this week's training on the CSR programme.

Nevertheless, my nosy cameras never fail me, this time it zoomed north...and found an outstanding baker! a woman who knows how to combine subtle colors to produce brilliant and neat results. She is none other than Mrs. Ibhas Ibhaze Oraka, CEO of Creams n Daises Abuja. 

Ladies and gentlemen, please joing me in appreciating this wonderful cake queen as you watch some of her works here...

Over the weekend I made these compilations but I have been so so busy with the CSR training programme. By the way I want to say a big thank you to our sponsors for these CSR project: Kogsy Sugarcraft Centre, IC Chimex Bakers Ltd, Acabado Cakes, Logus Bakers Ltd, Amel Susan, Kchunky Cakes and Afrolux Luminance. Also a special Thanks to our tutors for this programme: Mrs Oni kumbi, of Kchunky cakes, Mummy Kemi Oluboro of Elroyalitos, Fiyinfoluwa Oshowo of Fifi's Cake Allure, and Abigail Abrigo Of Cake Expressions. I am so honored to have all of your sweet responses. The participating associates are so happy too.

Now back to the business of the day, please sit back, relax and enjoy the views of these awesome cakes...they could come in handy for your kid's next birthday.


Check out this amazing talent that has been given as a free gift to the world! Her works have lifted lots of depressed souls by mere thought that sugar can produce such beautiful art pieces...

Emanuela Coppini also known as Twin was born in Rome where she studied art since she was a young girl.
During her school days, she stood out for her remarkable talent for figurative arts mainly focusing on ceramics and oil painting on canvas

 My esteemed bakers and cake lovers, We are on the third segment of this programme "Awesome Wedding Cakes By Naija Bakers" They are proudly Naija and we will continue to showcase them for the world to see.

My amazing readers I present to you these awesome cakes! Check on any baker of your choice if you're interested in his/her works

Here they are...

I do this all the time, peeping through bakers' ovens and having a filled day with lovely cake designs. Today I was just thinking aloud. "these cakes are unique and timelessly beautiful" I said to myself, So I decided to tag it Unique and timeless cake designs...

Just follow me to see them!wink