At this point my head is filled with imaginations of birthdays, anniversaries, house warming, and indeed any other call for a party. I visualize some simple but classic cakes for such occasions.....

These selection of double tiered cakes can perfectly fit that party! Just glance through these cake pictures and be inspired to make a simple and unique cake for that your sweet party...

Good afternoon my dearest bakers and cake lovers. Hope we all are enjoying the weekend. It's been so hectic these days with lots of work to do. I know that lots of bakers are occupied with works and events.

In this segment of the Naija BaKers' Diary Series, I present to you a sensation in the Naija cake industry. She is one  of the pro hands in the field and I love her works. I had a chat with her recently for the NBDS and she was awesome to talk to.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Mrs Taiwo Banjo, CEO and Creative Director of Tee Exotique Cakes. Let's roll with her on this sweet interview session..

Good afternoon my wonderful bakers and cake lovers. I hope you all are having fun this Saturday afternoon. For me, I am just chilling in front of my computer, having little or no cake to make this weekend and ofcourse presenting to you this segment of the Naija Bakers’ Diary Series.

In this segment , I am presenting for the first time a dessertier (I borrow her own words). I have noticed with great admiration how most events these days have been an avenue for dessert display. Desserts are simply the smallest bits of sweetness! I just love them to pieces. On that note, I feel so delighted to showcase this amiable lady. She has constantly shown how good desserts can be..

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Mrs. Fimisade Osiyemi, CEO and Lead baker at Fimie’s DessertsVille, Lagos. Please lets join her in this chocolaty ride.

Good evening my awesome bakers and cake lovers. Just at the time of your relaxation, I've come to bring a soothing pill to make it more awesome! Today i am showcasing a talented lady who's story line has been a source of inspiration to me. I tell you all my friends that you can turn every negative side of life into positive results. I loved the fact that this woman found her hand on cake just to keep her sleepless nights active and fun. The rest was history...

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my favourite self-taught cake guru, Mrs Bunmi Akintayo, CEO and Creative Director of Kady Bakes, UK. Let's roll with her as she gives us the gist of her sleepless night-turned profession. 

Good morning my beautiful bakers and cake lovers. I hope the week is going on well with all of us. If you are here in Nigeria, you can not pretend not to notice the recession that is biting so hard on the economy. Now everything is not only becoming expensive, but the are now becoming scarce. Most of the preferred baking items are no more available on the shelves! It is well with us..

Back to our delight, I present to you my wonderful people, a woman who has made so much impact in the Naija cake industry. I love this woman because of her zeal and strength. She loves sharing ideas so much; I guess because of her love for giving back to the society. This is evident in what you will see here in the chat I had with her and also her 7th anniversary FREE training sessions that will be coming up on the 7th of October.

My wonderful readers, I present to you Mrs Chika Ani; CEO and Sugar artist at Esperanza Cakes. Let us ride with her as she tells us about her journey as a baker

My wonderful bakers and cake lover, I send you greetings from my work desk this morning. I am sure we all have been having fun over the weekend and this is the beginning of a new week. 

Today in this edition of the Naija Bakers' Diary Series, I present to you another sensation from the south-south city of Port Harcourt. It is so good to note that the city has produced so much talents in the industry and is still making more. I am excited to present to you this wonderful lady with her gifted hands. She gave me another joy of reporting in this today's segment because of her amazing interactions. She had so much to say and I was ready to listen...

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Mrs Amalachukwu Amaonye, CEO and sugar artist at Fluffy Diva Cakes Le Eiffel, Port Harcourt. Let's join her on this drive as she lets us into her world of cakes