There is something I love about this brand that is exciting me; you can see precision in the craft. These cakes are technically made! At the time I peeped and saw these cakes, I imagined how the baker would use technical equipment to achieve the perfect edges and curves, straight lines and equal levels…. Menn! I was thrilled at the technical assembly of the cakes I saw
My dear bakers and cake lovers, I present the brand, Fomzy Cakes to you and a showcase of the cakes produced in this oven
Are you seeing what I am seeing??

Good morning my ever radiant bakers and cake lovers. We are in mid-week and I hope you have all gone half way with your plans for the week. if you have not, don't worry. It is not how far but how well. The required speed will be given to you at the right time. 

Just today I decided to showcase a talent I came across recently. I will always say it over and over again that Naija bakers rock anytime! As a peep machine, I always beam my long-neck, pin hole camera into bakers ovens from time to time. This time I am presenting to you and astute baker from the Abuja region, a creative designer and a sugar Pro, My dear readers, I present to you the brand, Santiscreations Cakes. This brand is based in Abuja, Nigeria and is firing hot to all locations under view. Let's see some of her works

An Abuja based pro baker, I just peeped over the weekend and saw a lot! Cakes nicely crafted to spec, colors blending and lots more. This baker has invested a lot of time in providing details to novelty cakes and this is evident in the collections showcased on her walls. This baker has a brand.... this brand is Creams N Daises ... and below is her story...

Vd Cake is one of the finest cake studios around the UK known for their innovative and unique designs. They specialise in creating delicious and different cakes

which reflects the personal style of the client. Just bring  details about your party plans and the’ll create the perfect cake for your event. Inspirations can come from the tiniest detail about the event,

Their Cake is a labor of love from start to completion. This is the spirit of Naija. We are proud to have such signatures as this, trending the land of the white man. This clearly portrays the "Can Do" spirit that is resident in the Naija blood. Let's see what I mean below this cut...

Good evening my wonderful bakers and cake lovers. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. tomorrow is a fresh start of a new week and I wish every reader a stress-free week ahead.

In this segment of the Naija Bakers' Diary Series, I had a chat with a beautiful mind from the east. She is a baker of repute who has put a lot into pushing herself into the forefront of cake making in the eastern region in particular and Nigeria in general.

I am referring to  Yvonne Onyeukwu, CEO of Cakes by Ivy. Let's get to read her story line and learn from her life as a baker

Good evening my distinguished bakers and cake lovers, I hope you are still enjoying the freshness of the new week. I just made a compilation of some amazing cakes designed and presented by some outstanding Naija bakers. I try to figure out what could create a "wow" effect in the mind of readers. For sure I know I can identify a classic cake when I see one. Now I hope I truly represent what you call "eagle eye" for cakes. You can as well send some more amazing cake pictures to inspire Naija readers. send it to our mail box and they will appear in the next segment

Meanwhile let's view these cakes and make our comments