Good evening my ever-shining bakers and cake lovers. Hope you had a good time this wonderful Saturday. Here I come again with another approach to the Kiddies Birthday Cake Inspiration. I know your kids or that of your clients are likely gonna celebrate soon. If you are still in the air as to what cake you want to do for him / her, then look here to see if there's any head way out of that dilemma.

Lets look here...

There is something I love about this brand that is exciting me; you can see the rich color blend and all the works. These cakes colors are pricisely mixed! The crafting is also superb! At the time I peeped and saw these cakes, I imagined how this baker would use technicalities  to achieve the perfect edges and curves, straight lines and equal levels…. Menn! I was thrilled at the technical assembly of the cakes I saw

My dear bakers and cake lovers, I present the brand, Magxys J Cakes to you and a showcase of the cakes produced in this oven.

Good morning my darling bakers and cake lovers. Thank God It's Friday! In this new year, don't hesitate to make yourself happy. Studies have shown that happy people live longer lives than sad people. Please do what ever you can to keep being happy. From this back end, I will ensure that I bring programmes that will make you happy

In today's segment of the NBDS, I bring to you a baker from Ibadan, Oyo state. She is making waves as a baker and she has always kept it simple and cool. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Opeyemi Akande of Cherish Cakes and Treats. Let's sit back, relax and read through her experiences in the field

My ever patient bakers and cake lovers, I want to say a very happy new year to all of you! I was off the blog for some days as I had to go for Christmas and new year holidays to my villa...and unfortunately there was limited internet services there so I could only work sparingly on my facebook and instagram pages...but the blog was not possible. Anyways, I'm back and back to businesslaughing

On this note, I have decided to open the new year post with the Naija Bakers' Diary Series and in this segment, I present a gifted hands in the UK, She is my bosom friend, a loving sister and a trusted colleague, She is making so much wave in the UK and I am always proud of her and her works.

After reading this interview, you can find more about her and her brand on here Youtube, and the web site

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Mrs Busi Christian-Iwuagwu, CEO Cakes and Sugarcraft Supplies Ltd, a UK based cake company. Let's keep calm and listen to her as she tell us about her cake business and career.

Yippie! Its Christmas! Merry Christmas to you all my wonderful bakers and cake lovers. I hope you will enjoy this yuletide season and have all the blessings from God.

This morning I will not fail to showcase a peep I had during the week. My neck twisted towards Abuja and my lens zoomed as fast as I never saw...and then suddenly, the lens tilted east towards a circular rout and found a brand! Behold it was Anneki Cakes, Abuja.

My wonderful readers I want to showcase to you the beautiful cakes I saw in this oven. They are wonderfully created!

Let's see some of them....

Good morning my amazing bakers and cake lovers, This is your girl wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. I am so excited today to blog on this segment. probably because we are in the Christmas mood. I have been talking and chating with my facebook and instagram friends since this week and it is good to know that so many of us still have plans to enjoy Christmas even in this recession. That's the spirit. I know that 2017 will be much better for all of us. We are grateful to God for life and other good this that have been added to us.

In today's segment of the NBDS, I bring to you a woman with a beautiful brand. Naturally creative, this lady has not ceased to amaze me with her talent. You know I am always in the mood of peeping and I tell you, I have seen wonderful jobs done under this brand. Today I had a chat with the CEO and it was an awesome chat.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you Ojo Ajarat Motunrayo, Creative Director and CEO at A-Jay's Creamy Cake World, Lagos. Let's sit back and enjoy this ride as she takes us through her cake world..