"....And the books shall be opened" - Chioma ch 1 vs 2 winklaughing But honestly the books have been open this August! I made these amazing collections a few days back and i can't stop going back to look at them. Real magazines...real books....real journals...real cake! No fake, no rubbish! ...I want you all to give it up for Naija Bakers!! We rock!

Check out these amazing collections. I call it "my August Book cake Bomb" Please not the bakers as branded on each cake and contact them if you want some. You can hook them up on social media or better still go to our Bakers Directory and search for them..

My dear bakers and cake lovers, I bring you greetings from the publishing desk of this noble blog. I hope we all are surviving the economic situation in the country and indeed all over the world. One this is sure " With perseverance , we will succeed".

Today I want to cheer you up again with my cake news. Today i want to share a beautiful result of my long neck peep into the ovens of Cupcake Factory.

The CEO and founder, Fatimah Aliko Dangote is not that much of a social media "show off person" and probably you won't know much about her exploits in the cake industry, but I tell you, her brand is really making waves in the Ikeja axis, the whole of Lagos and indeed beyond. I just peeped during the week and I saw gorgeous cakes rolling out.....I saw style and class on display....moreover I saw consistency in quality.

My dear people, let's have a look at these few designs I showcase here... 

August Start-up Men's Cake Featured

I published the Men's birthday cake collection for July ending and that raised so much interest. I confessed that it was the first time I dedicated a collection to the men. Lots of my friends called to tell me their husbands felt like kings after reading that post. My hubby of all people gave me some special treat that day noting that I just woke up from my feminist sidelaughing See me see wahala! I promised these guys I will hence forth put my eyes to the things that concerns them. I have started o!

Now I made these collection and I couldn't even wait to get up to 10 pictures and I remembered my promise to my hubby and other male folks. Ladies and gentlemen, behold another collection of birthday cakes for men! This is my collection for the start of August...Let's see them..

Special birthday cakes for kids designed by Naija bakers this early part of August. These cakes are awesome!. The obvious thing is that kids don't know or care about recession. They want their day to be perfect or nearest to perfect. Also we mum's always wanna do it.... our kids deserve the best don't they?

I made these compilations and I was happy to make them...the cakes are beautiful and I am sure the kids loved them. You too will when you see these pictures down here....

I made these collection over July. I had to keep waiting through the month because I knew we will alwasy have more amazing cakes on board. I actually had more in my collections but I will just show these ones in this post. I think it is worth showing here as inspirations are flowing from the mind of the reader now and he/she is like "which one am I picking for my next event?" My dear you can just make that choice now!

Check out my compilations for the last month ended. These cakes blew my mind. I chose them based on the technicality of the design as well as the amount of time and patience put in to create them.

Just check them out as the are showcased in no particular order..