Our ever cherished bakers and cake lovers, I welcome you to a fresh segment of the "Naija Bakers's Diary Series". It's been a while we showcased a Naija baker in an interview section and so I decided to return BIG!....and Yes! I got a BIG fish in the Naija baking industry. She is none other than Mrs Kemi Olutayo Oluboro, the Creative Director and CEO of El Royalithos Services. I love this woman and her aged grace in the industry and I respect her consistency in being in top form ( I love people who are always OnTop smile). Do you know that El Royalithos Catering Institute has an Alumni? Click Here to see them

My dear readers let me take you on a tour into this woman's cake world.... 

Fashion Inspired Cakes Featured

This is art!  We’ve seen how fashion can inspire  artistic works such as table centerpieces, dinnerware, landscapes, interior decor and of course color palettes. So why stop there? What about our favorite art....the cakes??
Basing your wedding or birthday detail and color palette on your favorite piece of clothing assures an incredible outcome. But, designing your cake on your favorite dress is mind-blowing. So many cake designers have perfectly expressed this art with the corresponding fabrics and its always the talk of the moment.

Here are some sample matches of cake designs inspired by fashion.. 

A solemn Good Friday to all of us. My dear bakers and cake lovers, I decided to showcase more of today's theme because it is a widely celebrated or rather observed day. However, I have noticed that the bakers in this part of the world have not attached importance to creating cake works that can represent this day.

For Christians, This day represents the basis of their salvation as such I personally feel that every art in the christian world should make this day ceremonial by creating works  that can properly showcase this day

Cake designers should not be left out of this. Anyway, I came across a few pictures that really made a great impression of today's significance and I want to share them here

Let's see these pics

My esteemed bakers and cake lovers, In today's segment of the Offshore Cake Clasique, I want to share with you my wonderful readers, yet some  more classic cake pictures I came across on Instagram and Pinterest. these cakes are sure not made by Naija bakers but they are unique and I feel we can save an replicate them for our clients. For cake lovers, as usual just click "save" and they might come in handy on your own occasion.

Let's enjoy them pics....

I am such a nosy girl wink I am in this habit of peeping into bakers' ovens...no, their collections...and guess what? i always find something interesting!

Today I peeped and saw my amazing lady as always, Kitchen Pastries and her cakes. I couldn't help but show them here. 

Accountant by day and  baker by night, this amazing lady gives it to the people of Houston Texas freshly pressed! This is what I call multi-tasking. I just imagine how busy her whole 24 hrs could be some times. 

See some amazing creations from this oven. This is Onome's Cakes Live from Houston Texas, USA. Naija cake lovers around there please take note!