Wonderful bakers and cake lovers I greet you all. This is a new day in a new week and I pray that we all find the real essence of our toils and hard work this new week. Amen. Today in our Naija Bakers' Diary Series I present to you another cake sensation from the PH city. She is none other than Mrs. Nicole Ogbonna and she is the Creative Director of Sugarbelle in Port Harcourt Rivers State. She is such an amazing woman who has flourished in the cake business. We had an in-dept chat with her and these are what she had to say

The art of cake making becomes passionately African when the cake artist infuses the core content of our existence in this part of the globe which is the contemporary wild life and rich vegetation blended with our cultural life style. Here one could see the daring face of the king of the jungle (the lion)  and the scary face of the fishes from a nearby pond.....the beautiful palm tree with it's sweet product (the palm wine) carefully but stylishly stored in a calabash. This is our heritage! this is our tradition! I love bakers who bring this to life in our modern society..constantly reminding us of our root as Africans..... I saw this as I peeped into this woman's ovens. Yes I saw some wonderful Afro-designs among other creative English styles. I am talking of the very ovens of one of Naija's finest, Mrs Omolabake Apata Abrigo, The creative director and CEO of Cake Expression.

Trust this  nosy girl... i have just been peeping into the kitchens...sorry the collections of Naija bakers. I don't regret that because I always find something! This time I followed her from Port Harcourt all the way to Abuja and back. Anytime she looks back I hide...She might have been hearing my footsteps at the back, then she turns to see and I hide! coolembarassed Its my hide and seek game and she is non other than The CEO of The Empress Galleria. I had in previous posts addressed her business as Cake Empress...that's just because they both mean the same person

My beautiful bakers and cake lovers, look at what I saw!


My beautiful bakers and cake lovers, we are moving to the mid-week and it's time again for our Naija Bakers's Diary Series. In this segment, our cameras zoomed towards the middle belt and guess who we saw..... None other than Mrs Maudlyn Gbenyi, the creative director and sugar artist at Cake Buds By Maudlyn A.K.A The Cakefairy. She was such an amazing woman to chat with and she gave us insight into her cake world.

Let's listen to her as she responds to our chat....

Wonderful bakers and cake lovers, I am wishing you all a happy weekend form here. I hope you are having fun today. Some of us have weddings and other parties to feature in. I wish you a fulfilled service.

Today in our weekend special I bring to you a collection of Spider man theme cakes for your reference. Remember as I always say, Keep these pictures saved in your files as you might need them as reference purposes on your own events


My wonderful bakers and cake lovers, I told we we are launching back full time on our Naija Bakers' Diary Series. Today we are releasing one of UK's Top Chat singles...( Oh! this ain't a music showlaughing) This one of the biggest Naija bakers in the UK. The most fascinating thing about this woman is how time stops at her desk whenever she is baking. Being in a full-time paid employment, there could only be a Joshua stopping her sun from going down until these beautiful cake creations are finished....