Good morning my wonderful bakers and cake lovers. Today has just started as usual, sunny and bright. It's a weekend too so TGIF is the pasword! On this segment of the Naija Bakers' Diary Series, we had a beautiful chat with a precious naija baker all the way fro Akure, Ondo State. I could feel smiles on the face of this wonderful lady even when I chat halfway across the western Nigeria. She is such am amazing woman producing amazing cakes. Her name is Mrs Damilola  Olutoye-Adesina and she is the creative director of Olammy Cakes & Confectioneries.

Let's hear her as she expresses her views in the world of cakes....

Proudly Naija! These cakes are crafted by Naija bakers. This program is designed to showcase outstanding masterpieces from Nigerian bakers. We will be running it on segments and yours truly is ready to showcase them every week (according to the number of entries we get per week) In this maiden segment, My amazing readers I present to you these awesome cakes! Click on any baker of your choice if you interested in his/her works

Here they are...

The term "Faux" here will literally mean "fake" or "not real". The Faux cake stand designs have been introduced into the cake decoration and presentation platform to add beauty, glamour, as well as suspense. These beautiful gilded faux cake stands are created with common cake decorating supplies and decorated with molded gum paste! And just like that,your cakes will appear to be supported by this ornate “cake stand”, but it's really just an optical illusion!

Some time ago I wrote about a cake smashing birthday party for Baby Abuoma and I can remember vividly that I said that this system of kiddies birthday celebration is not common here in Naija. Now I want to withdraw my statement after catching a glimpse of this picture album belonging to M12 Photography! It was awesome how many kids here in Nigeria have smashed their cakes while this wonderful photographer stood near, catching all the memorable clips on camera. 

Ladies and gentlemen, Let me introduce to you, Bisola Ijalana, the CEO of M12 Photography who operates a team of photographers with specialty on maternity, new born babies, 1st birthdays, cake smash and family portraits. These group of experts have done lots of work, putting kids in the best mood for picture taking and they have captured the best moments of Naija kids in the eyes of the camera! Below are some of the moments for different kids as showcased in their album

Good day my distinguished bakers and cake lovers. Your girl is here again representing the entire cast and and crew of 24/7 Naija cake affiars...( don't mind me and my playlet mood). Seriously today is special because we had a chat with a special person in the cake industry. This woman is beautiful both in looks, character and of course creativity. Ladies and gentlemen! coming on air on today's special segment of the Naija Bakers' Diary is Mrs Itohan Asibor, Creative Director and CEO of Bluberry Cakes!!

Today she lets us into her world of cake-making as a profession and the journey so far. Dear house, lets get to hear straight from her!

My highly placed bakers and cake lovers, i hope you are enjoying your day. it just rained a little bit here in Isolo with a heavy wind. what about your side? Anyway, I want to showcase some unique cake designs that cam make the ladies go gaga in joy. Please save this pictures for your clients, of friends that might appreciate them. See the pictures below