Right at Total Club House Ikoyi, Sound of music rolled as Ugo Udumukwu was celebrated among family, friend and associates. It was fun through out...lots of wine to drink...lots of food to eat...lots of appetizers...and DESSERTS!. (you know we talk more about them here). 

"Get Inspired" is a new programme introduced on this blog to sample amazing cake designs from different bakers. This is intended to inspire someone to make improvements and also help triggering creative thinking among bakers. For non bakers, it still serves the purpose of choosing the right cake designs that satisfies ones desire. We present a baker and show his/ her selected theme of works for inspiration.

My adorable bakers and cake lovers, from my space here in the city of Lagos I extend my warm greetings to you all. I hope the week is going on well. I'd love to encourage all of us to be positive about life and all surrounding it. One thing is sure, we will all survive the times and tell the stories.

In today's segment of the Naija Bakers' Diary Series, I present to you one of Naija's finest, a cake star and an award winning baker. She is one of the leading wave makers in the Naija cake industry.....

Ini Nsek Erivwo

Naija Baker, in diaspora 


Ini is the cake designer that owns and operates Erivana Cakes, located in St John's, Newfoundland, Canada. She has been in the business of baking and decorating for over 13 years and her intense love for cake making was inspired by her mother at an early age. After obtaining a bachelor's degree in Chemistry, she worked in a food manufacturing industry (Amsel foods) for 2 years as a quality control manager...

Good morning my beautiful bakers and cake lovers. I hope you all are enjoying the weekend. For me, weekends give me the opportunity to clean my zoom lens and refocus it on a different direction from its former position. That was what I was doing this morning....then suddenly, my lens stopped on its own....at an axis perpendicular to the direction between a grey picture background and a mixture of fine primary colors directly adjacent to a light purple inscription... (chai! see mathematics!!)... Upon applying one more cycle of zoom, thereby making my lens to be 2x, I realized that the inscription was bolder and much more readable......my ever loving readers, guess what the light purple inscription was.... It was TL Cake Boulevard !! (coollaughing)

My wonderful bakers and cake lovers, The holiday is over and works begins. It begins for you and also for me (connecting with Naija bakers to showcase them). So on this segment of the Naija Bakers' Diary Series, I visited Owerri, the Imo State capital. Interestingly this is where I grew up. I should have done this a long time ago because it's my spring point. Another reason I should have done this long ago is that this lady on the spot today is a sister to me. She is one lady that gives me so much joy considering where we are coming from. I remember when I and my husband will stare endlessly at her cake pictures as she would roll them out periodically. She is simply amazing - a sister representing all Owerri stands for in cakes. My little secret is that she inspired me to explore on my combination of colours....(don't tell any other person embarassed) I am talking of no other person than Anurika Akubuine, CEO/ Sugar Artist of Rikies Cake Studio.

My wonderful friends, please pay attention as she takes us through her humble but artistic lifestyle in the baking world...