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Wow! My great, sweet, awesome bakers and cake lovers! It feels good to be so back on the website again after more that a year!. Believe me it was not my intention to leave the web space to concentrate on the social media platforms (instagram and Facebook). I sure knew that this web space will suffer a bit...

Written and Published by J. A. Godwin


Sometimes a fondant decorated cake might require for you to add a shiny and glossy effect to bring out its realistic look. One of the frequently asked questions by sugar benders is " How do I make my fondant covered cakes shiny and glossy?" "how do I make my fondant decorations glimmer?"

Its just for fun and you can win a recharge card of your choice! It takes passion to bake and decorate. Cake making and decoration is such a tedious task that you might just want to leave it half way when your strength is failing. It only takes passion for the art to finish it.

Below are  pictures of some Naija bakers whose love and passion for the art of cake making have taken to a very high level of popularity in the business. These pictures have no name tag. Your work here is to identify the bakers by NAME and LOCATION and the first person to get all the correct details will win N1,500 worth of let the game begin!

Written and Published by Danilo Alfaro
Reviewed and Edited by J. A Godwin

In baking, leavening is the air or gas that causes breads, cakes and other baked goods to rise when they go in the oven.
That gas is produced in different ways, depending on what type of leavening agent you use. This in turn varies according to what you're baking.

Check out this compilation I made....of creators posing with their creations. There is this joy you find within yourself after you have toiled day and night to produce that magnificent piece of art.. You will be like "Oh yeah! I made it!

Just check out these great people and their great looks...with their great works...

Forgive me if you if I have published this list before, I just found it again I had to do this. In the spirit of Easter, I bring to you my wonderful bakers and  cake lovers, these beautiful cakes that can make you child smile big on his/her birthday.

Feel free to contact the bakers and order yours. If you care copying any indigenous design please don't forget to give credit...

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