Beautifully Designed Cakes From The Ovens of Panari Cakes

Naija Bakers Rock! both at home and in diaspora... We beamed our monster lens across the oceans towards Europe and Hey! we found a sizzling hot Naija baker in the UK!

Rayo Apanari is the creative director of Panari Cakes Ltd, a UK based cake making outfit. This page is not enough to contain the wow designs so we just pick some pictures as lead-way

Let's See some of these wow creations as we also read from the profile...


            "Delicious cakes made by Panari. Whatever your style, design,

                      flavour...consult with Panari and we'll have it made for you!"



Panari Cakes is a family owned and operated bakery serving London and the surrounding counties. They began in 2001 from a small flat kitchenette, supplying cakes to friends and family. Demand grew slowly but steadily until it became clear that their domestic kitchen could no longer keep up with demand. 


From the flat they moved to their first business premises, a 500 square foot business unit in 2007. Their customer base continued to grow and within two years they were ready to move to their current location, a 2500 square foot unit in 2009.



With a team of six they produce a wide variety of custom ordered creations, including a selection of standard cakes, catering to a broad selection of styles. Edible portrait cakes have become a unique choice for their customers allowing them to customize cakes using customers' favourite photos.



                            "For walk in customers, colour portfolios containing a variety

                             of photos are available to assist you in selecting a design"


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