A looong trust of my nosy lens and I found her! She is Jennifer Akenuwa, the Creative Director and CEO of Centrepiece Cakes, a confectionery outfit located in the Lekki side of Lagos Nigeria

She was our guest in the last Bakers Showcase and I couldn't help but peep....and I found some excellently structured pieces of edible art. My dearest cake lover, just help me and confirm if my nosy lens is still on point or if it needs cleaning with soft cloth....but I am sure my views were so much on point! The cakes were superb!!

Thank God It's a Friday! And on this special weekend i present to you my wonderful readers, an outlook of some wonderful creations by Naija bakers. This is my top 14 special cakes of the month. They were selected based of concept presentation, neatness and artistry. Just sit back relax and watch..

You can always save them for your own event and contact the Naija baker

Happy viewing.....

Just yesterday I celebrated the Mickey mouse Cake Day on our social media platforms (Instagram and Facebook) and here was how I put it...

Based on Logistics.... coolembarassedlaughing
Mickey Mouse had the highest mention.... As people's favourite cartoon character.
So today is #247naijacakeaffairs
Mickey Mouse Cake Day.... Post your Mickey Mouse cakes here.. Tag me and I will publish the pix

And after a little while, Naija Bakers flooded my timeline and DM with different shades of Mickey! I couldn't pick all in this post so I'm gonna be publishing a second segment of this......based on logistics laughing

Oya Let's go there!

A nosy lens knows no boundaries! and that was how I found this Naija sensation rocking the walls of the United Kingdom.... I have been very busy these few days keeping all my businesses alive. I have to bake, decorate and present, I have to keep our social media platforms bubbling, I however can not forget the dust my long nose camera with monster lens and make a looooong peepcool

So that was how I found Mrs Chioma Okoro, The CEO of Tynas Cakes, a bespoke luxury wedding and celebration cakes design outfit in in Waltham Abbey, Essex, UK. 

Its another weekend and I've come to make your rest more blissful. I made a collection of some special dessert cakes made by our Naija bakers and I feel you should see how yummy they look.

It's time you started considering making such for yourself or your loved ones.

Happy viewing...

Still in the spirit of weekend, I will be showcasing amazing works by our own Naija bakers here just to keep us busy with appreciation. I will never cease to tell the world that Naija bakers are on point. On my Instagram page, I post some of the amazing works of other bakers who are not Nigerians but I tell you the truth, our Naija baker give them a run! The beauty of this is that our designs are embedded in our rich cultural content...when we want to do mickey mouse, we do the mickey mouse that you can swiftly point out that its an Afro mickeyembarassed

Let's just enjoy these few work by select bakers in Naija