How To Make Chocolate Ganache Featured

What You Need


Dark chocolate

Heavy cream


Chocolate Ganache Proportions

These proportions are based on weight. For example, a 1:1 ratio means 4 ounces chocolate to 4 ounces cream.

Layer cake filling and thick glaze: 1:1, equal parts chocolate and cream.Chocolate truffles: 2:1, two parts chocolate to one part cream.Soft icing and pourable glaze: 1:2, one part chocolate to two parts cream.



Kitchen scale

Heavy bottomed sauce pan

Spatula or wooden spoon

If you want to make a chocolate cake from scratch, these are simple, yet easy recipes to make. They are ones you are certain to enjoy
In this post, we will be considering 4 different recipes for chocolate cake. Choose the one that best suits your purpose. You can also try all the recipes and find the one you like most..

Gum paste is primarily used for hand modeling figures and can be rolled very thin for petal flowers, leaves and very detailed decorations. gum paste recipe creates an edible modeling dough that dries more rigid than fondant. It is similar in texture to fondant but it dries very hard, it is most commonly used for detailed accessories on fancy cakes. Gum paste is an edible product and taste very bland, but it is not recommend for eating. Worthy to note here is that you do not cover a cake with gum paste.

You can use gum paste to make flowers, 3 D figures, bows, cake toppers, shoes, straps for hand bags and belt buckles

It's easy to learn how to make gumpaste. The challenging part is finding the ingredients (particularly gum tragacanth.)
Gum Tragacanth is "a natural gum obtained from the dried sap of several species of the genus Astragalus, of Middle Eastern legumes. it is the ingredient that allows gum paste to remain malleable longer than pastillage (although not as long as fondant. It can be found at specialty cake decorating supply shops or online.)

There is more than one way to mix a cake, and depending on the recipe and the resulting cake, it could be firm and dense, light and airy, or coarse and crumbly. Choosing the right recipe will enable you to choose the right cake or the right dessert

Note:The speed at which you cream the ingredients and the length of time you cream your ingredients and the temperature of your ingredients will all effect the final product...

Mirror glaze cakes are simply cakes decorated by applying mirror glazes on some parts or the entire body of the cake.

Mirror glazes can be used to cover the top and the sides of cakes , where creams and mousses are prevalent. Covering a cake with a shiny glaze makes it instantaneously chic, professional-looking and also provides the “wow effect“ and yet it’s so simple to make! Glazing properly, though, takes a bit of practice and a quick movement…

My Mocha Cake Recipe Featured

My Mocha Cake Recipe! I posted this recipe recently on a group where I was asked to be the online tutor for that day. You know what? i was glad I did! A lot of people were blest by that post. That is exactly why I have decided to publish in on the blog so more people could see it for possible adoption.


Mocha is a perfect combination of Chocolate and Coffee!

10" inch Mocha Cake Recipe