Just a yesterday, Nigeria and Africa's biggest industrialist and business man, Alh. Aliko Dangote celebrated his 60th birthday. For many people, it's a big milestone achieved but for us here in Nigeria, It's a revitalization of our minds that we will surely survive. Most especially for Naija bakers, Its an exhibition!

Before I proceed to show you my dear reader what I mean and how I mean it, I'd love to give you a brief introduction of this man that has kept Nigeria's flag high... Wikipedia puts it this way.. 

Angel Bidokwu Rocks @ 10 Featured

This was how she rolled on her birthday!!!

Angel Bidokwu is the gifted hands born to Mr Mrs Anslem-Bidokwu. and her mum is the Mrs Bidemi Anslem-Bidokwu, the MD/CEO of Cakes Et-AL and also the current ICES National representative in Nigeria

Now enough of the mum...this girl is a genius! She has thought in different cake shows! She has inspired lots of mums to put their kids in the line of craft..She bakes and decorates beautifully and fantastically...she is the darling of young intending bakers....and she just clocked 10  a few days ago!!!  This is amazing!

Our own darling ANGEL, we at 24/7 Naija Cake Affairs say Happy Birthday to you! We are proud of your achievements in the industry at this prime age! The sky is not just your beginning, it is also your speed zoom point!...Hit the sky girl!!wink

Every February 14, across Nigeria and in other places around the world, cakes, flowers, cards, and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. But who is this mysterious saint, and where did these traditions come from? 

Just recently Time Square Events center hosted the grand finale of The Master Baker competition. 15 registered participants contested for the position of the Master Baker 2017 and after rigorous processes of cake decorating competition, the panel of judges met and unanimously announced the  winner of this year's competition in the person of Mr Olusegun Adesina, (Drumz Cake Lord), 

The birthday party was themed "Bringing The 70's Back"...the costumes were perfect, the guests were on point, the venue and event planning was superb.. and the CAKE??? your guess is a good as mine!

Guess who was celebrating? Its Tonye Cole, MD of Sahara Group, a loving husband, a proud father and a biker. He is one of Naija's top CEOs and he just turned 50!

Recently, the people of Ile-Ife witnessed a grand birthday party in honor of the mother of Mrs Ikeolu Pat Biobaku, the CEO of Mix'n'Bake Confectioneries. The party was organised by the children of the celebrant as she turned 70 and it was a style, fashion and cake event.

See some of the pictures taken at the event..