Graduation Cake Ideas: The Opportunity Window That Closes Fast

You will agree with me that the window of opportunity for design of graduation cake has either closed now or is at the decline and closing out fast. This is simply because most schools have closed since the mid July and we are on vacations. Studies on entrepreneurship proposes that a window of opportunity is that short period within which an otherwise viable business opportunity ceases to exist. It therefore means that the best time to act in grabbing that opportunity is within that short period it exists. (Hope I am not boring you with economics). Such a time just elapsed or is is at the verge of doing so now. That opportunity window was the graduation cake market! every baker who did not get any graduation cake job this period will definitely have to wait for another session ( we don't graduate every day)


I was fortunate to capture these graduation cakes for this session and I want to be quick to put them up here as an assessment platform as well as a reference pool for next opportunity. (enough of my grammar joor!!laughing)

Ladies and gentlemen please take a good look at these cakes as assembled here and let them serve their purpose for us.








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