Firefighter Who Bakes

Nick Morelos is a professional Firefighter who has found his passion in creating our kind of magic with flour and sugar. He lives and works in Williamsburg, Virginia USA. I just got a mail from him and that inspired me so much....If you understand the role of fire fighters in our society, then you will appreciate what I am talking about. 9/11 might give you a clue about the sacrifices these people make so we can be safe from infernos. I was so thrilled when I go this mail from him....


"Hey! Everyone here at the fire station loves your Instagram! I'm a professional firefighter and a huge fan of your work! I started decorating cakes to help me de-stress from the job, now I love it. Just trying to get my name out there now. ☺️ We love you! ❤️ Could we get a shout out? @cakesbynick"

And trust me, I replied him..

"Hi Nick,
You know what? We love you back!
I am going to publish you in my blog, You are not a Nigerian baker but I will let the world see you in our Naija blog too.
You are really doing a great job! I love the fact that you save lives in both ways…firefighting and food.
Keep it up"

Then his response a few minutes later was..

"Feel like I'm dreaming! Thank you so much!!! Do you need anything from me?!"

I felt chills all over my body....Of course I don't need any more thing from you Nick....I'll just showcase you to the world!!

My dear readers, I present to you our firefighter/baker Nick Morelos and some of his awesome creations!









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