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Saturday, 18 March 2017 00:00

Carrot Cake Recipe By Bluberry Cakes Featured

Mrs Itohan Asibor is the Creative Director and CEO of Bluberry Cakes Asaba, Delta State. A purposeful, optimist, trailblazer with a great sense of humor, changing the world in her little way, she is the founder and administrator of The Cake Faculty. A pharmacist by profession, she has brought her wealth of dietary health into the industry, making one of the healthiest yummy cakes..

In this publication, she shares her Carrot cake recipe. I therefore ask you to sit back relax and learn….

Saturday, 18 March 2017 00:00

A Peep Into The Ovens Of Cakes By Soul Arts Featured

She was showcased on our social media platforms recently on the segment of the bakers showcase. I peeped and I saw lovely cakes and I could not resist sharing them.

Her name is Nene Amina Agbator and she is the CEO of Soul Arts. Let's see some of the cakes I saw in my peep...

...what did I say last?...Yes! When the captain decides to take his bride, he has to do it in the most grandeur way...Oh I love the swords that cross their heads as they walked through..Its such a glamour and for once, you'll feel like being a captain or getting married to a captain. Yes when the captain decides to take his bride...he assembles together the best hands, the food must taste like mama's...the music??? it must match with the force!...the decoration must fit the warrior....the CAKE! It must be gorgeous!....And so when the captain decides to take his bride...He will call The Pearl Jacob to plan the event... Diko Photography to capture all moments...and of course Helado Delicia..and the CAKE stands tall!

This is the story of the captain and and his bride...the story of Hassan and Tosin!

More love to the couple and kudos to the Naija crew that brought this to life..

Saturday, 18 March 2017 00:00

Cake Designs Extraordinaire: Top Nine Count Down Featured

My view of the industry's list of top 9 trending design. Proudly made by Naija Bakers, these are classic cake designs that took a lot of hard work and creativity to bring them to the table. And now they are trending.

This pictures are in no particular order showcased here (including the profile picture). Enjoy them...

Its so glorious!! seldom do I see such scene as this.... Nigeria is really growing in entertainment and hospitality. I was just watching the pictures and I stood in awe! 

Jite and Uche must have agreed to date at an ordinary day, decided to marry at an ordinary day,....but they created an extra-ordinary day the moment they brought the following vendors together:

Friday, 10 March 2017 00:00

Kiddies Birthday Cake Ideas (7th segment) Featured

Good morning my ever-shining bakers and cake lovers. Thank God Its Friday!!Hope you are having a good time this wonderful Friday morning. Here I come again with another segment of the Kiddies Birthday Cake Ideas. I know your kids or that of your clients are likely gonna celebrate soon. If you are still in the air as to what cake you want to do for him / her, then look here to see if there's any head way out of that dilemma. This is purely Naija made and you can find them very close to you

Lets look here...

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