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Dripples Cake at it again! this time it is for Ilamina and Olise. Ther joy can not be measured as they walk into the reception hall and see this elegant standing, perfectly finished, beautifully decorated cake standing next to their sitting position. This is one of the best moments for the couple especially the bride. 

Do I start describing this cake? I guess your sense of judgement with do this well. This is just one of Dripples Cake's many wonderful creations and we say Kudos to her

Say happy married live to the couples as you view the pictures below

 Good morning to you my wonderful bakers and cake lovers, Please permit me to give my apologies for the long period it has taken to bring the NBDS to you. Activities have been so much for me as a baker, a trainer and a blogger. Its sometimes very hectic but I'll still have to manage myself out. 

Anyways, today I am presenting to you yet another segment of the NBDS and today I am happy to announce to you that I am happylaughing. I am happy because someone made me happy. This lady makes me happy all the time. I lover her nature and I love her designs. So when she agreed to grant this interview, I was happy! Now you see why I am happy??

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Mrs Oluchi Imoh, Creative Director and CEO at iBake Signatures. Please sit back, relax and read her very expression about her cakes and herself.

Tuesday, 06 December 2016 00:00

#Faji2016: When The Bride Is a Baker (2), Farida & Jimi Featured

"Hi Cake lovers, We are officially closed till the 7th of December. Enquiries  should be directed to my e-mail for Christmas order, wedding cakes, desserts for events or just regular cakes, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are getting married!" These were Farida's very words to her fans and customers just before her day. Yes! she was getting married...to the love of her life Jimi. I don't know how true this story is but I heard they met in one of these Lagos traffic (don't say I told yousealed) If this is true, then we encourage more gridlocks around third mainland bridge, lekki-ajah axis, ikorodu road, ikeja-ogba, and indeed anywhere people could find themselves and fall in love in the midst of the stress...Yes! let there be more traffic!!cool

Now Ladies and gentlemen, Farida is the Creative Director/ CEO of Tulip's Patisserie Lagos (aka The biracial baker) and on this day of her wedding, she did what every baker will do... she made a breath-taking cake for herself and her hubby!

The cream color cake with a little touch of peach (or is it pink) was seen suspended on the isle where the couple met and did justice to it.... Please events planners and bakers, take note of this beautiful act. It could make your jobs stand out in future.

I don't need to say so much about the cake and the couple as you will see them now after this cut...

After loads of conversation with the client (sure the groom this time…my thoughts), Trendy Bee Events crew decided to go for a “jungle-themed traditional wedding. You could imagine the look of the event, serving meals in leaves, calabash and bamboo, freshly made palm wine and of course the jungle-themed decoration with the 3D cutout where they had every animal you can think of and ropes for Tarzan to play with..( I know your head is going “Gaga” with your toy stories now). The bride was super decorated to details as she wanted.

Now look at my own part….The Caged Cake!. It was caged, securing it from the wild animals in the jungle… I love this story!!

I doff my cap for you Trendy Bee Events for putting up this wonderful piece of event. This is creativity and we want more of this at our weddings. I have since been searching for the cake designer that worked with you ….maybe you will let our readers know by putting the name as a foot note or comments. But tell him/her that the Naija cake community is saluting.

Happy married life to you Phoebe and Dami. Kudos to all of you who worked together to put up this awesome event. Special thanks to the Jide Odukoya who is the Pro photographer

Sunday, 04 December 2016 00:00

A peep Into The Ovens Of Bake Planet Featured

I just came across this brand while rolling my long neck in peep. I couldn’t move further…. I was just stuck there. This brand is killing me with swag! I was flipping through the works and my mind was wondering why I haven’t found this oven in a long while.. I was speechless {I needed concentration) though out the peep. My brain has a lot to store… I need to get them all… but I can’t. this brand has a lot of classic cakes to showcase. I can only take as much as my space can carry….
Ladies and gentlemen, this brand is Bake Planet and their office is located in Effurun, Delta State. Look into their page for more cakes. Meanwhile see what my brains could store….

The trend is gradually creeping into our system. I can remember sometime ago when I posted on this blog about naked cakes. People saw the concept as bizarre. I am so happy that Mimi and Chinedu chose this option for their wedding …and ofcourse Helado Delicia nailed it with that awesome cake. I could imagine the smiles on the faces of the couple as they walked into the reception hall to see the naked cake beautifully places at a corner in the hall.

Congrats to you Mimi and Chinedu as you start your union with this beautiful naked cake! Kudos to you Helado Delicia for that wonderful cake

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