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Sunday, 08 January 2017 00:00

Mix 'N' Bake CEO Celebrates Mum @ 70 With Beautiful Cake Featured

Recently, the people of Ile-Ife witnessed a grand birthday party in honor of the mother of Mrs Ikeolu Pat Biobaku, the CEO of Mix'n'Bake Confectioneries. The party was organised by the children of the celebrant as she turned 70 and it was a style, fashion and cake event.

See some of the pictures taken at the event..

My ever patient bakers and cake lovers, I want to say a very happy new year to all of you! I was off the blog for some days as I had to go for Christmas and new year holidays to my villa...and unfortunately there was limited internet services there so I could only work sparingly on my facebook and instagram pages...but the blog was not possible. Anyways, I'm back and back to businesslaughing

On this note, I have decided to open the new year post with the Naija Bakers' Diary Series and in this segment, I present a gifted hands in the UK, She is my bosom friend, a loving sister and a trusted colleague, She is making so much wave in the UK and I am always proud of her and her works.

After reading this interview, you can find more about her and her brand on here Youtube, and the web site CakesandSugarcraftSupplies.com

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Mrs Busi Christian-Iwuagwu, CEO Cakes and Sugarcraft Supplies Ltd, a UK based cake company. Let's keep calm and listen to her as she tell us about her cake business and career.

Helado Delicia has featured so much in my blog this year. this is just the fact that this brand has been firing hot on weddings! I am always excited about the works and I don't blink to publish them. I also notice the blossoming relationship between this brand and popular event managers. Thus is a thing to be encouraged in the industry. The synergy is just awesome. The big deal is.. Helado Delicia represents well!. I guess that's the magic in the romance between the brand and events people.

The cakes (both trad and white) were on point!. I guess the couple, Ifeyinwa and Joseph had smiles gushing from their hearts all through the celebration. I could see this in the pictures as showcased.

Never failing to mention the event managers, Zapphaire Events, and the photographers, Olumide photography and George Okoro Photography

Happy married life to the newly wed and kudos to the Naija baker and the events crew. See Pictures after the cut...

Sunday, 25 December 2016 00:00

Naija Traditional wedding Cake Ideas.........26th Segment Featured

Our esteemed Bakers and cake lovers, It's Christmas and new year is at the corner! I hope you guys are getting ready for the Christmas and new year activities....the weddings..birthdays...child dedications and what have you. Like I've always said, it is my pleasure to bring up ideas and programmes that can add value to our lives. If you are not a baker, you are a consumer! I mentioned in the previous  segments that this programme was born out of the need for clients to have an array of cake ideas to select from. Also bakers can have more ideas to present to clients.

Please Note that all selected pictures were made by Naija Bakers.

Enjoy the views and grab new ideas!!

Sunday, 25 December 2016 00:00

A Peep Into The Ovens Of Anneki Cakes Featured

Yippie! Its Christmas! Merry Christmas to you all my wonderful bakers and cake lovers. I hope you will enjoy this yuletide season and have all the blessings from God.

This morning I will not fail to showcase a peep I had during the week. My neck twisted towards Abuja and my lens zoomed as fast as I never saw...and then suddenly, the lens tilted east towards a circular rout and found a brand! Behold it was Anneki Cakes, Abuja.

My wonderful readers I want to showcase to you the beautiful cakes I saw in this oven. They are wonderfully created!

Let's see some of them....

Good morning my amazing bakers and cake lovers, This is your girl wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. I am so excited today to blog on this segment. probably because we are in the Christmas mood. I have been talking and chating with my facebook and instagram friends since this week and it is good to know that so many of us still have plans to enjoy Christmas even in this recession. That's the spirit. I know that 2017 will be much better for all of us. We are grateful to God for life and other good this that have been added to us.

In today's segment of the NBDS, I bring to you a woman with a beautiful brand. Naturally creative, this lady has not ceased to amaze me with her talent. You know I am always in the mood of peeping and I tell you, I have seen wonderful jobs done under this brand. Today I had a chat with the CEO and it was an awesome chat.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you Ojo Ajarat Motunrayo, Creative Director and CEO at A-Jay's Creamy Cake World, Lagos. Let's sit back and enjoy this ride as she takes us through her cake world..

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