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Friday, 19 February 2016 00:00

Weekend Special - Princess/Barbie Cake Ideas Featured

My ever bright bakers and cake lovers, Thank God It's Friday again! From the very dept of my heart, I wish you a joyous weekend. At that I decided to bring you the Princess / Barbie Cake picture collections to give you an idea for that next birthday! it could be for your daughter or niece, client's or friend's daughter - who ever is celebrating, these pictures will provide a clue as to how to make her smile all through.

Just check out the different beautiful cakes on the eyes of the camera lens....

A few days ago, the Yoruba movie industry and indeed the entire Nollywood witnessed the birthday celebration of one of their very own Fathia Balogun
We sha didn’t get the full gist of the celebration (whether there was a big bash or not) but we caught a glimpse of her birthday cake through the lenses of one of Naija’s cameras,
Check out the Lovely cakes present to her on this wonderful occasion.

Have you ever baked a cake, given it a quick poke with a finger and had it spring back, or stabbed with a skewer that comes out clean, then let it cool, cut it, and become completely dismayed to see that it’s under-cooked?
Many dense cakes like mud cakes can give you the illusion of being cooked even when they’re still under-cooked in the middle, so it’s great to have a few tricks up your sleeve to make sure those hours you’ve spent preparing and baking that cake aren’t wasted....

Yesterday I shared a cake quiz on our Facebook group page on the correct name of the flower and cake that appeared on the picture. I was so glad so many people got the answer correct. it was the Daffodil Flower!. The game show was "winner takes it all" so I am sorry for the others that got the answer correct after the first correct answer. Please try and be fast next time (Lol)

Daffodils are one of the earliest flowers to bloom in the spring and are often associated with springtime and rebirth.....

The oven temperature is critical when baking a cake, too hot and the top of the cake will begin to cook before the center of the cake, forcing the cake mixture to rise up through the crust causing it to look like a volcano. If this happens when you first make a cake, make a note to turn the oven down 5 or 10 degrees next time. All ovens do vary in temperature so an oven thermometer can be useful if you think your oven is too hot.

Hello wonderful bakers and cake lovers, hope you had fun yesterday which was the valentine's day, For me I really had fun. My hubby gave me the best treat for such occasion. I didn't come to blog yesterday after previous days of bloging and constant work to make val cakes, I needed the time off and a treat. All thanks to hubby I got it.

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