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Have you ever seen a wedding cake, huge, magnificent and beautiful. Everyone is "woow"ing about it and it matches the entire decor and theme, only to cut into it and its just plain and boring. The taste of your cake should be just as important as the beauty of the cake. The flavours represented should be flavours that your guests will enjoy. please ask these few questions before settling for your cake flavours.

 Our wonderful bakers and cake lovers, Happy new week to you all. Today we bring you the 10th segment of our programme "Naija traditional Wedding Cake Ideas" This segment is packed with 7 amazing cake pictures designed and crafted by our own Naija cake pros. These cakes will for sure appeal to a cake lover today! If your day is near, save any of them and show your cake designer. If not, still save them cos your friend might need them

Let's enjoy the views.....

Saturday, 02 April 2016 00:00

Weekend Special - Spider Man Theme Cake Ideas Featured

Wonderful bakers and cake lovers, I am wishing you all a happy weekend form here. I hope you are having fun today. Some of us have weddings and other parties to feature in. I wish you a fulfilled service.

Today in our weekend special I bring to you a collection of Spider man theme cakes for your reference. Remember as I always say, Keep these pictures saved in your files as you might need them as reference purposes on your own events


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My wonderful bakers and cake lovers, I told we we are launching back full time on our Naija Bakers' Diary Series. Today we are releasing one of UK's Top Chat singles...( Oh! this ain't a music showlaughing) This one of the biggest Naija bakers in the UK. The most fascinating thing about this woman is how time stops at her desk whenever she is baking. Being in a full-time paid employment, there could only be a Joshua stopping her sun from going down until these beautiful cake creations are finished....

In a matter of hours ago, this little girl received what could be the biggest surprise since she was born 10 years ago. All tanks to the Creative Director and CEO of Kannies Cakes Plus, Mrs Uju Akpoebi-Yeri and entire family and staff. Deborah was given a birthday treat today and I guess this might be her first time of celebrating a birthday. 

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