Lots of time I have gotten into conversations about baking and life as a baker. In these times we have discussed lots of things ranging from the perfect recipes, valuable and healthy ingredients, baking best practices to health and living for bakers. I have on countless times recommended some health options for us bakers. Baking is a tedious job and most times we as bakers only focus on the financial benefits of the profession while we think less of the health concerns of the rigorous activities involved in baking and decorating cakes

In this post I’ll try to explore the possible role cinnamon plays or can play in baked food and in the life of the baker. I will place more emphasis on the later so as to provide information that can help us bakers live healthy. Health they say is wealth. I’ll advice that we take these tips serious and apply them in our daily living to help take care of the many strenuous tasks we perform

If you’re totally new to baking or stocking the baking for the first time ever, the hand mixers will probably be one of your darling equipment. I’d be willing to bet that it will cover 60-70% of your baking jobs, and bonus: you’ll get a nice arm workout while you’re at it.

The one bad thing is that hand mixers aren’t high-powered enough to handle some of the things that stand mixers can handle, like bread dough, bigger cake batter fluffy whipped cream, and meringue.
But if all you’re looking for is something for the little cakes and cookies, it’s a winner!

The sweet tradition of celebrating your 1st anniversary by sharing the top tier of your wedding cake could turn sour if the cake isn't stored properly. No matter how fresh your romance remains, a stale cake is no way to remember that perfect wedding day. In Nigeria, so many couples would want to use their wedding on their first anniversary or better still their first baby christening Just follow these simple tips to keep your cake as moist and delicious as possible.

Cravings for unhealthy food happen to almost everyone. There are many factors that contribute to these cravings, from a bad day at work, bad habits, to nutritional deficiencies. These cravings can seem hard to overcome. But, with some willpower and few simple tricks, you can do it. These tricks have been tried by different people and have been proven to be a success story.

Let's look at these steps....

From breakfasts to deserts and more, it’s not a secret that we all are fans of making healthier food. It's possible to slash major calories and fat from almost any baked good without sacrificing flavor or texture All it takes to make decadent treats that do minimal damage is one or two modifications

Baked goods are often filled with saturated fats, refined sugars and hundreds of calories per serving. If you like cake, but want to watch your intake of empty calories, you can learn to substitute unconventional ingredients to make it healthier.

The major bakery industries are cake manufacturing , bread manufacturing and biscuit manufacturing . These segments of the industry are labour intensive as automation is high in cost for bakery outfits which make them avoid the safety standards.

Bakeries in Nigeria would have numerous accidents and injuries which goes unnoticed.