Nostalgia is the word that best describes my feelings as the pictures kept coming into my inbox. This event happened last year and the princes is a big girl now! I chatted her mum (Bar. Mrs Rosline Umeh) and she reminded me how I made their baby's day with the beautiful cake and desserts.

After the certificates and awards, the party just started. It was mega FUN!!. Among the highlights of the party was the national anthem rendition by a solo voice from The Ambassadors chorale. they also performed "You lift me up' duet among other songs. The most special part was  "Suddenly" and "Flying without Wings" performed my my loving husband...just for me!! At that point I melted!!innocenttongue-out Once again he poured out his undying love for me....I appreciate all his love and support in this course...and you know what?? I love him more!

We also cut the 1 year anniversary cake among other things...there were delicious  meals, sumptuous desserts, fruit array, and good old wines. We all had fun and mingled.

Our idea is to make this CSR a yearly event so we can always give back to the industry, training people for FREE and empowering the society...this is my own little little make Nigeria a better place!

See some of the pictures here...... 

The six associates received their certificate of completion offered by 24/7 naija cake affairs in conjunction with the tutors. It was a memorable thing for them. Each associate was called up to the stage and a live video of her activities during the training was played for her to see how she performed. this part was very emotional  as the participants saw themselves stay through the house in good times and also the not so good times ( trust ladies and tiny quarrels) 

The Tutor and the sponsors also received Merit awards in recognition of their roles during the CSR programme. It was a thing of joy to be recognized in such an occasion. Let see some of the pictures as the appeared.... 

Good evening my wonderful bakers and cake Lovers. As you all know, we had a grand party last week Friday the 9th December in honor of the six associates who participated in the one month CSR training, the tutors and the sponsors of the programme. We also used the this grand event to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of 24/7 naija cake affairs blog. The previous week saw this blog and ofcourse the founder (my humble self) decorated with the prestigious award of Nigeria's best cake blog/writer for 2016 at the  Naija Top Bakers 2016 awards....what a way to celebrate our first anniversary!  

This grand ball witnessed lots of Naija Pro bakers and the industry's celebrated vendors and manufacturers. I want to segment the picture show into phases so we can show enough pictures for you my dear reader to have a feel of what happened there.

These pictures were picked from the RED CARPET reception....

The much awaited End of year Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) training project has finally kicked off today, Monday 14th November 2016. It is expected to run daily (week-days only) for 3 weeks and a few days. The project will be rounded up with a certificate/ award grand ball with date and venue to be announced later. 

The venue of the training is Ontop Classics Pastry Academy facility in Isolo, Lagos. 

The two days of this week (Wednesday, 26th and Thursday, 27th October) witnessed yet another ground-breaking assemblage of super bakers and sugar artists in the Naija cake industry. Once more the ever progressive brand in the industry had created the forum for this converge. It is the 11th anniversary of the brand Kogsy Sugarcraft Centre! This event pulled together, numerous sugar giants from every corner of Nigeria and abroad. It was a blast for pro-bakers and beginners alike. There were cake master classes, exhibition and ofcourse sales. Before I proceed to roll out the pictures of the events that took place in this exhibition, I'll attempt to give a brief history of Kosy Sugarcraft Centre.