BAKERS COMMON ROOM: Experiences And Testimonies (7) The Fear Factor is Back!

Fear Factor is back!!

With reference to our anchor topic:

As a baker.... What was the most challenging thing you faced in the past or you are still facing in this cake biz that made you /makes you feel so sad or worried (even to the extent of crying).. feel free to let it out..... Your story might help a beginner or someone out there.... To overcome his/her current worries in the Cake Biz....
These three bakers share their experience....


Posh' Preneurs

I had decorated a complete cake and drove the car to the park which was one hour to my house, I made sure I had d car properly ventilated and as I got to the park to send d cake, I just did a final check on the cake to make myself happy because am used to checking my cakes the last time and thanking God, well, thank God I did, the cake had melted and it would be a criminal offence to send the cake like that pretending I didn’t know. I just packaged myself as I was about to cry remembering the distance and d fuel thing we have now. But I sha drove back home, mended the cake and it turned out better than the first. There have been countless times but I know those things happen to teach us one extra lesson but I always pray that such things happen in mendable situations. Reading the comments actually gave me life and I have learnt a lot


Hazels Sweet Things

I learned a grave lesson about fondant and humidity one day when I had finished decorating a cake at night and had to move it to my living room because the A/C in the place I keep cakes was faulty. Sometime during the night, PHCN did their thing and didn't bring the light back at all. I bounced down in the morning, ready to take my cake to the venue to set up but met a sticky wet mess in its place. Some of the decorations had oozed right off the cake, others were in the process of oozing off. I grabbed the cake in reflex and immediately made a bigger mess by leaving finger prints all over. The cake needed to be at the venue ASAP and I was at my wits end as to what to do. Quickly put together a rescue kit and put the cake in the car with A/C on full blast praying to God for a miracle. When I got to the venue, the condensation had evaporated somewhat but the cake still looked like it had been in an accident. I salvaged it the best I could, covered the terrible bits with even more decoration and hoped for the best.


Maria Balogun

Mine was 3yrs ago after my training, I got myself a local oven at home and started baking at home, On this particular day my childhood friend called me that she will be needing a birthday cake for her friend. So the day came and I baked the cake, put a little in a small pan for myself. The next day I iced the cake and delivered it to her. The design was nice, but little did I know that after baking, I left it to get cold and later carried it back inside the oven and lock the oven till d next day before icing it, The smell of the kerosene soaked the cake, unknowingly to me. On the birthday day my friend called me to say that the cake was smelling kerosene and that nobody could eat the cake, I was surprised and went straight to my fridge to taste the little I took from it while baking, but mine tasted nice so I was confused. I was thinking of what could be the problem. Then I remembered that keeping the cake in the oven must be the cause so I apologized to her and thank God it was not my first cake to her. I felt so bad! I had to compensate her with another little un-iced cake. After then I did a show glass where I kept my cakes after baking.


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