Happening Live On Our Facebook Group Page!! -  Interactive Session With Candy Ramirez

My wonderful bakers and cake lovers in the house....

Guess what?

We will be having an International Online Tutor today in our midst and she will be teaching us how to make Geode designs..

She's no other person than the CEO of Candy Cakes and More..... Candy Ramirez...


I guess most of us must have come across her tutorials online.

She will be sharing her time with us today's afternoon... So keep your questions ready for her.

Get ready to learn the secrets behind Geode design...it's new and trending abroad! Stay Tuned till 2 pm when she will come online for us. She will only answer questions related to what she taught us. Feel free to invite your friends to join us and learn too

Remember the Time is 2 pm ( our own time)

If you are not our group member, simple open our 24/7 Naija Cake Affairs Group page  and click "Join" and we will approve you immediately so you be ready for the session 



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